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Colosseum likes Cher-ing world

May 13, 2008 7:00 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | Over at the Colosseum itís Cherís world.

My spies tell me stars are coming in from all directions to pay homage to the new Queen of the Strip. Spotted in the audience were Barry Manilow, Siegfried and Roy and many, many fans who were lucky enough to get preview seats.

With her costumes, (only 17), wigs, and staging, Cher has become (like this columnist) a gay icon. She has had a Top 10 recording in the 70s, 80s and 90s. From one diva to another, Cher, welcome to Las Vegas.

The opening for "Jersey Boys" at the fabulous new Palazzo was a grand affair. I went to media night, but decided to skip the red carpet scene the following evening. The red carpet was deserved for Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, and Frankie Valli. By the way, Happy Birthday Frankie. My dear friend is now 74.

The "Jersey Boys" is the story of Frankie, the Four Seasons and what it takes to keep a group together recording hit after hit with so much time spent on the road. Crewe and Gaudio really were the anchors of the Four Seasons. Crewe as producer and writer has been my friend on and off for the last 40 years.

In my play, "Miss Monti," we dive into the drama that reveals the friction between producer and star. Yours truly didnít have the discipline or the management to be on the road. Plus, letís face it, I marched to my own drum. I still say Crewe is a genius and he gave me two hit records as Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, back in the day.

 In other news Lance Burton, Steve Wyrick, Penn and Teller all did their magic on David Lettermanís show. Got to give it to Lance for being one of the nicest people in magic. Congratulations to Mac King! His act was named the top comedic magic act currently working.

Last week I wrote about Criss Angel and the "Cirque" show headed for the Luxor. As extravagant as the "Cirque" shows are, it takes a lot of backing. It must be asked whether we really need another "Cirque" show?

LeReve at Wynn has been retooled and reworked adding dancing, but has it improved? That remains to be seen. Years ago, I got in trouble for writing about "Zumanity" at New York-New York. What I said at that time was the show wasnít edgy or sexy enough and not for everybodyís taste.

It was my opinion, but then what do I know, Iím just a columnist.

On the "American Idol" front it still remains David Cook versus David Archuletta. Cook may not be the big winner as far as the show goes, but seems to me heíll be on the scene a long time. Again, itís an opinion.

On a sad note we have to acknowledge the passing of David Swan. David was one of the old legends in Las Vegas and known for his appearances at the Excalibur, "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace and as a comedian. David and I worked together when he was co-host of a cable television show at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.

He will be missed dearly.

In other news, weíre all waiting for the Siegfried and Roy book which will tell all their dark stories. More than I want to know.

I love my Roy. These two remain the icons of Las Vegas.

Thanks to David Saxe and the V Theater at Planet Hollywood. Local residents, with proper identification, can purchase tickets for Gordie Brown or Trent Carlini for $25.

What is the fate of Jimmy Hopper? Did he hop out of town again? Rumor is Trader Vicís at Planet Hollywood has become a comedy room. Hop, hop, hoppity-hop.

Had dinner at Hawaiian Tropic Zone restaurant this past week. Food and entertainment at its best. What more can I say?

This past Sunday was Motherís Day. Always a reason to celebrate, which I did with gifts, flowers and calls from all my children. Being a single parent wasnít easy for me! For all the mothers, I hope you had a happy Motherís Day.

To all the mothers on the Strip, including Rita Rudner, Roseanne Barr and my Stephanie Jordan, hope you enjoyed the fruits of the day. I also was at Saks Fifth Avenue for the "Hats Off To Mom" event promoting two great fragrances -- Blair Rose and Cartier Delice.

"Mom" loves both of them.

Letís not forget May 29th when Monti Rock celebrates his 70th birthday. And, he has a tour coming up later in June. Weddings, columns, tours Ė busy, busy, busy!