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Bet MLB totals with consistency

May 13, 2008 7:00 PM

Diamondís Gems by Sid Diamond | Although I admit I am not a stat guy when it comes to sports betting, I try to follow current trends. Itís irrelevant to me if a team is leading the league in runs scored, if they havenít been scoring lately.

Teams as well as players all go into funks at some time during every season. This primarily happens with "over" teams and sometimes also with "under" teams.

Our four teams that we all should be playing have that problem currently, as the Tigers for over plays have now reverted to their early season doldrums.

With only two overs in five games this week, Iíd like to respectfully suggest that we adopt the Phillies in their place. With shortstop and MVP Rawlins returning to the lineup, their run production may go up by an extra run per game.

So letís take the Tigers out and replace them with the Phillies each day for overs. Our other three teams Ė Arizona for overs, and Kansas City and San Diego for unders Ė all showed a profit, based on the entire week, from Monday through Sunday, led by the mighty Padres, who compiled an amazing record of 6-0 for the week. This includes going under a 6 Ĺ last Friday versus the Rockies. Stick with it, weíll beat this recession yet, or go broke trying.

The NBA Playoffs have become a hone team haven so far this round, with a stunning 12-1 record as of mid day Sunday. I never try to go against a strong streak, regardless of how good it looks going in Ė ride the home teams until you see the trend changing or pass the games if youíre leery of laying too many points.

As today is Motherís Day across the planet I feel compelled to devote some space to something we all have or had in common, and thatís a mother. It is my opinion that we live in an imperfect society with the females of this world getting the short end of the stick in the majority of the cases. Years ago we didnít even let women vote for persons that created the rules of human behavior. Laws were created only by men for all to follow and women had no representation. One might say we in the USA have come a long way towards balancing the scales of justice, to true equality for men and women.

However, many other countries to this day do not show any improvements on this issue. My solution to this inequality is quite simple Ė rig up electrically the husband to go through the same feelings during childbirth as his female partner, and he indeed will develop a new outlook for the sometimes erroneous description of the "weaker sex." One such experience unquestionably would leave our society with countless one child families.

Mothers, I love and respect you in every way and would suggest that we all should campaign for 365 Motherís Day days per year. I hope God has a subscription to GamingToday in heaven, so my mother could read this as she most assuredly was and is an angel.

Have a great week!