Sports Notes - May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008 7:00 PM

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Another Reizner Would Be Nice

The recent passing of Tom Rinaldi, the first sports book manager at Santa Fe, conjured up memories of his former Castaways boss and dean of Las Vegas bookmakers Sonny Reizner. Before his death in December 2002, Reizner set the groundwork for today’s top gambling promotions.

He created football handicapping events and started the first NFL contest at the Castaways in 1978. Reizner gained international prominence in 1980 for posting betting lines on "Who Shot J.R.?" when "Dallas" was the TV rage. State gaming regulators ordered the line taken down, but the standard was set for those like Wynn’s John Avello to place "entertainment only" odds on the Oscars and "American Idol." More of Sonny’s chutzpah would work. – Mark Mayer


Buy Twinkies While There’s Value

Not that going 19-17 after 36 games shakes our tailfeathers, but the Minnesota Twins started the week leading the AL Central. That fact didn’t escape the Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook, which lowered the Twins from 100-1 to 50-1. Granted the last place Tigers were within four games of the top, but 50-1 is good odds for a team that just has to win the AL Central Division to make the playoffs.

On the other end, the San Diego Padres have gone from 60-1 to 100-1 thanks to a dismal 14-24 record. This with last year’s NL Cy Young winner Jake Peavy. Other top climbers for the week: KC (100-1 from 200-1), LA Dodgers (18-1 from 30-1), Washington (200-1 from 500-1) and Arizona (7-1 from 10-1). The plungers: Colorado (75-1 from 50-1), Texas (200-1 from 100-1) and Cincy (100-1 from 75-1). See p.14 for the rest.