High-tech finds the spotlight

May 13, 2008 7:03 PM

By David Stratton | Nothing has had a greater impact on the gaming industry than technology, and the latest in high-tech will be the focus of next week’s Gaming Technology Summit, set for May 20-22 at Green Valley Ranch.

The conference and trade show, now in its sixth season, will feature hands-on technology updates, insights and strategies, along with opportunities to network with the industry’s innovators.

Overall, more than 50 expert presenters and panelists will share their knowledge with hundreds of conference attendees in nearly 30 in-depth seminars.

The featured keynote speakers this year include Tom Peck, senior vice president and chief information officer for MGM-Mirage, and Tim Stanley, chief information officer and senior vice president of innovation, gaming & technology for Harrah’s Entertainment.

New to this year’s Summit is the Resort Technology Forum, a half-day seminar featuring professors from Cornell University’s Hotel School. The workshop, set for Tuesday, May 20, will examine recent developments in hotel room technologies and what new "gadgets" the hotel room of the future might provide for guests.

Here are a few of the session topics set for May 21-22:

Predictive Analytics: Crystal Ball or Magic 8 Ball? This session will examine how useful historical data is in predicting trends in hotel occupancy, revenues and consumer behavior, and how to increase the accuracy of predictions.

Hotel Room of the Future. Not only are the latest high-tech devices for the hotel room revealed, but also ways to allow guests to utilize and enhance the use of their own electronics.

Server-Based Games Regulators Roundtable: Regulators, operators and manufacturers will discuss the state of server-based games, when they might become available for massive rollout and whether they can or will live up to all the hype.

CIO Roundtable: Several chief information officers from the industry’s major companies will discuss the latest trends in hotel/casino technology, how they’ve impacted operations and what to expect in the future.

Biometrics: Are Customers and Casinos Ready? The somewhat sci-fi technology has made inroads in security and customer identification systems. But are casino customers ready to give fingerprints or sit still for a retinal scan to enter a casino or cash a check? This panel will explore the pros and cons of biometrics and how it could affect both the casino customer and its operation.

Mobile Gaming: Here to Stay or Moving On? Mobile gaming technology has been slow to gain solid footing in the industry, the result of general skepticism regulatory uncertainty. Will it ever get off the ground, or will it fade into recent memory. These experts will explore the technology and discuss its future.

Table Games Technology Update: Advancements in technology have flowed from the slot machine to the table game, which has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, fueled by advancements that have offered a wider variety of games and greater efficiency. This session will explore the current state of table game technology, regulatory and operational issues, and what the future will hold.