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Mature Kobe has Lakers in sync

May 20, 2008 7:00 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | In the second round of the NBA playoffs home teams continued to prevail at an amazing rate. This trend may continue into the third round, but I see weakness in home standing Boston. I think Detroit will win at least one game as a visitor and perhaps their best chance is Game 1

The Lakers still look to me as the cream of the crop, even without their big center, Andrew Bynum. Kobe and company are not looking back. The Lakers are playing team basketball, something I never thought I’d say that about a Bryant-led team.

Last week’s favorite four in baseball averaged more than five runs per game for the two over teams, and less than four runs per game for the two under teams. If we can keep up those numbers we’ll be just fine, as the opposition’s total runs should even themselves out.

This week we’ll go with some of the best performances of the prior week, beginning with our superstar San Diego Padres, who maintain their three runs per game. We hope their pitching holds up a little better.

The shock of the week was Detroit, who we dropped from the overs. Last week they averaged only two runs per game during a six-game stretch. Put the Tigers in the under class, and hope they can come up with some decent pitching hosting Seattle and Minnesota, two low scoring teams.

For our overs, this week our first choice is the Cubs, as they’ll play the Astros in the Houston ballpark, which should give up some home runs, plus the Astros team themselves are playing high. Then they go to Pittsburgh, a team that has very little quality pitching.

My second over team is the Phillies, who last week did well as our other over team by averaging over five runs per game in their six games; additionally they follow the Cubs into Houston after a series with the Nationals, a team not known for very good pitching.

As Major League Baseball has chosen to give exclusive rights to the Fox Stations across the country for the showing of baseball until 4 p.m. local time, I was compelled to only watch one game all day on Saturday, which featured the Dodgers visiting the Angels at Anaheim. I’m not sure, aside from a barrel full of money, why this is allowed. Surely the individual stations belonging to Fox must show a loss, as the limitations on local advertisements is quite limited. Ironically enough, one of the major advertisers happens to be Direct TV, which suffers a dilution of their product of showing all games in their season long package of Major League Baseball. Perhaps it’s a tradeoff between them that makes them both happy and the only ones that really suffer are the purchasers of the package, but who cares about the lowly consumers?

At any rate, this telecast consumed my entire attention, as I was choiceless. They do keep you waiting for about an hour before the first pitch, but you are trapped, unless you switch to reruns of Seinfeld on another channel. Hello Neumann.

Have a great week.