CineVegas aging just fine at 10

May 20, 2008 7:00 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | It’s time for the 10th Annual CineVegas Film Festival. Again this year, the Palms and Brenden Theatres will play host.

It’s my hope the locals will support this venture because it’s good for our city. It brings a certain culture, stars, producers, directors and fans. Check out their website

My friend Robin Greenspun is president, Trevor Groth is the artistic director and Dennis Hopper serves as chairman of the Creative Board. Pretty good line up don’t you think? The Festival runs June 12-21 and is looking for volunteers to assist.

CineVegas isn’t quite at the level of Sundance, but who knows what the future holds? Last year I was part of the CineVegas scene when my movie "The Business of Being Monti Rock III" was entered as a short film. Okay, so nobody picked up my film at CineVegas, but it was fun anyway.

Yes, I shop at Sam’s Club, especially when I’m buying in bulk like my party utensils.

While checking out Sam’s selection of Hawaiian shirts, I looked up to see Joe Jackson. Seems Neverland has been saved from foreclosure and rumors continue. Joe won’t confirm, but Michael might be headed to the Las Vegas Hilton.

Besides Michael at the Hilton, the rumor rundown has Whitney Houston at Planet Hollywood and Britney Spears at the Palms.

There was a "big suit" press conference at the Mirage to announce Terry Fator’s arrival.

Seems Terry, who won "America’s Got Talent" with his ventriloquist impressions, has signed a multi-year contract to fill the room left by Danny Gans. Terry’s story is a great rags to riches drama and he has big shoes to fill at the Mirage.

 When I first came to Las Vegas, Gans was at the Stratosphere. Can you believe it? After the Stratosphere, Danny’s talent took him to the Rio and on to Steve Wynn’s Mirage. The rest is history.

Steve Wynn’s latest venture, Encore, needs a hit and Gans is a Las Vegas star, a headliner. And so it goes. Gans will get his own theater at Encore. It’s a Wynn-Wynn situation don’t you think?

I was treated to press night for "Nathan Burton Comedy Magic" at the Flamingo. Visuals from "America’s Got Talent" and Wayne Newton’s entertainment reality show from last year were included along with illusions and show girls.

This may turn out to be a popular afternoon show for visitors. Nathan is good at what he does so it may be a great way to spend a cool afternoon this summer.

Bobby Slayton, the pit bull of comedy, is a must see at Hooters.Just don’t sit in the front! Another must see before it leaves is "Spamalot" at the Wynn.

For "American Idol" fans it’s down to David Archuletta versus David Cook as I predicted weeks ago. Both of these kids can sing and probably have a future in entertainment. May the best David win!

The "American Idol" show could use a little revamping after seven years, don’t you think? It’s still the No. 1 television show and they’re still getting some 56 million votes for the fans’ favorites each week so I guess someone is watching.

Wes Winters, who has the best Liberace tribute show I’ve ever seen, is up for his own reality show. Big announcements in the near future.

Last week I wrote about the new book about Siegfried and Roy. I’ve been told it’s for sale at Gamblers Book Store (630 S. 11th St). For more info call 1-800-522-1777 or go to their website online at It’s one of those unauthorized books written by backstage disgruntled employees of the dynamite duo. Ho hum.

I’m a friend of these two icons, and unfortunately they are targets of the scandal mongers. Several unauthorized books have been written about yours truly and nothing in the book was true so they left a bad taste for me.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Paige O’Hara, who is one of the stars of "Menopause," the musical at the Hilton. The multi-talented Paige has just opened her own art show at a local gallery.

We’re getting close to my 70th birthday. For those lucky enough to be invited it’s the White Party. Great announcements, great food, fabulous friends.

Don’t miss Cher’s Caesars Colosseum spectacular, complete with costumes, sets, the legend, the pop icon, her tribute to Sonny. You must not miss this campy production. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears. Cher’s comedy delivery is still top notch.

In fact, I’d like to see more of it.