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Play of the Day for Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008 7:49 PM

by GT Staff | This is the match-up everyone wanted in the NBA Western Conference Finals. These two teams have been at each other over the past10-12 years and, between them, have won most of the championships over that span. The Lakers appear to be the sexy choice with a sparkling Kobe Bryant, the newly-crowned league MVP, leading the charge for the Lakers. But the Spurs are equally talented with a group that has been together through at least three of their last four titles. Some experts are speculating that the Spurs may be a step slow after a grueling series with the Hornets, then having a short turn-around to challenge the Lakers on the road. Perhaps that’s true, but it’s also possible the Lakers, who have had a few extra days of rest, will be a step out-of-sync in the opening game. Remember what happened last night as just about everyone was on the Pistons to ambush a supposedly weary Celtics in Game 1, though Boston played as if they were the well-rested team. The point spread is too high for two teams so closely matched, and expect a stellar effort from San Antonio, who could actually steal this game on the road. San Antonio +7½.