Perhaps my Poker success was in chromosomes

May 27, 2008 7:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Carol, I believe that most all of life is a gamble.

My daddy once said that without a vision, people perish. To me, no gambling would be the end of people and civilization.

When your father and mother met, a considerable gamble was taken to mix and match the genes to produce a new person who may or may not take on similar characteristics.

It was you, Carol, who at the University of Oklahoma researched the probability of the mixture of these 46 individual chromosome’s in accordance the Hardy-Weinberg formula. In layman’s terms, dominate and recessive genes may be combined in a predictable way to produce blue, brown or hazel eyes and red, brown or black hair.

In this first gamble or roll of the dice of life, we have absolutely no input or control of the end product except in the selection of the mother and father.

The next roll of the dice is the geographical and environmental conditions that mold and shape us into becoming a wonderful poker player, ditch digger, railbird or a president.

Yes, our life begins with a big gamble and this gamble never really ever ends.

In my life, I have lived on a dirt floor without electricity or running water and have gone to bed hungry, but from the genes and chromosomes of my gene pool I was able to overcome it.

Here in America, anyone can be a champion – yes, even a championship poker player! My first recommendation is to bet on yourself.

 Invest into your mind. If you had only $10,000, don’t buy a seat in the WSOP. Instead, buy some books, go to school and improve your mind. And that mind can figure out a way to beat two aces in the pocket.

OK-Johnny Tip of the Week

A lot of you, like me, love to gamble. From a very young age I would take chances with life and with material things. I learned that gamblers do not always win and I wanted a sure thing.

So I converted the gamble of life into risk taking. Successful people and businesses take risks instead of gambles. Yes, I can walk on water, but it is a risk. You have to know exactly where the rocks are.

If you roll the dice and make the hop bet on two sixes [boxcars] the correct odds is once in 36 tries this will happen. The hop bet means only one roll.

As a graduate civil engineer, I thought it was possible to devise a method to overcome the hop bet of once in 36. I dealt with the martingale system and all kinds of dice theories using the power of mind over inanimate objects to make the dice come up right.

It did not work, but I did make one of the Las Vegas casinos back up. They would not fade the bet.

I would bet $1, lose and bet another $1. This would be repeated until I reached the losing position of down six. Then I would bet $2 on the hop boxcars [two sixes] and do this six times. Then I would be down $18. Then I would bet $5 six times until I was down $54 after 18 rolls of the dice. And, still no 12.

I would dig a deeper hole, betting $10 dollars six times. Now we’re at 24 rolls, just one 12 at 30-1 or 35-1 would make me a winner of $300 less my investment – which would be $186.

I have a formula to beat the craps. I am better than 50 percent to win each time I play this method with a variable win of a minimum of $1 up to $236 if successful on the 19th roll.

I had a lot of fun with this, but I never won! The big problem was the casino, which wouldn’t let me play the way I wanted. They just refused to take the bet.

I had money, starting off with $10 for six times until I reached the $100 level on each roll. The casino pushed my money back to me and would not risk $3,000 to $100. They took the bet at the lower levels, but would not let me bet the system all the way.

They knew that if I kept increasing the bet in this martingale system, it would hit and they would lose. Casinos are not in the business of losing money.

Only one other time have I have seen a casino back up. My friend Charlie did it at a downtown casino, but he was betting $100,000 units at a time. He was a $36 million winner at the time and wanted to bust the casino.

He tried to bet $400,000 on the come out roll of the dice, then place $400,000 on 10 and 4. They backed up and would not fade that bet.

If you want to know more about Charlie’s betting patterns email me at [email protected]. More on this subject next week.