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So who are 'da Braves?'

May 27, 2008 7:00 PM

On The Mark by Mark Mayer | Here’s the kind of stat that drive bettors up the wall. The Atlanta Braves are best in the NL at home, worst on the road.

How can 22-7 turn into 6-16? Jekyll and Hyde? Star Jones before and after? You get the drift.

On the other hand, if you follow the trends, then there’s money to be made by wagering on the Braves at home and against them away.

In fact, betting against most every team on the road isn’t a bad idea. Florida is 11-8 away from home and that’s the best the NL has. In the AL, the LA Angels are tops at 16-11. The AL’s king at home: Boston 21-5 at Fenway, including 10 straight.

If you remember my appearance on the "Leroy’s Sports Hour" a few weeks back, the question came up as to whether the Yankees would win more games than the Mets. At the time I said the Mets had a better chance of coming out ahead, but that both would win less games than projected. Well, so far so good.

The Yanks had been 20-25 until Seattle came to town and helped that mark balloon to 25-25. The Mets fell to 23-25 off a recent five-game losing streak. Both are too talented to be below .500 very long, but odds for 90 to 95 wins are on par with Zab Judah duplicating his bathroom shower fall.

Vicente Padilla. Now there’s an hombre! Once considered a top prospect with Philadelphia, Padilla drifted over to the AL and joined the homeless shelter for wayward pitchers, the Texas Rangers.

Quicker than you can shout out "Celebrity Rehab," Vicente has made us money. Texas is a sweet 9-2 in games that Padilla has pitched, including six straight victories.

Topping our money roll is Boston righty Daisuke Matsuzaka, who can allow six walks every time out and whistle "Dixie." The Red Sox are a perfect 10 with Dice-K, which (John Lester’s no-hitter aside) can explain in large part the Nation enjoying a 31-22 overall record.

Keep watching Arizona. The D’backs are 20-5 against the NL West, 10-16 against the rest. The Snakes only play three division games from now to July 4.

FYI: The Angels are 9-1 in games lefty Joe Saunders starts.