Winners like to hear about others winning. Losers do not.

May 27, 2008 7:00 PM

The Undeniable Truth by Rob Singer | Its been said that the more one is truthful about experiences and situations, the more trustworthy that person becomes to the majority of other people.

Are you buying into that?

Well, in a normal world filled with people who simply want to live good lives and be kind to others, yes, that absolutely would be the case. You see, when people arent out there constantly competing mentally with others over whos more successful and having more fun with a habitual pastime, the word "normal" can frequently be tossed around with few repercussions.

But in gambling that is just not the case. Trusting others to be telling the truth is almost non-existent, and it nearly always has to do with our own ability to perform and the level of good luck that we achieve. And the underlying cause is this: True winners like to hear about and witness others winning.

Losers undeniably do not.

An overwhelming majority of losers are walking the gambling streets of America. Many are engulfed in stinging social problems and inescapable financial evils that the rest of us only see in on-line pie charts, PowerPoint presentations or after a celebrity is exposed for having similar hidden demons.

In my personal path as an 18-year gambler, Ive stumbled across all the obstacles and have glided to victory time and again. Getting others to believe in, or more appropriately wanting to believe in my consistent winning has proven to be a constant struggle.

After I developed a way to play the poker machines that turned my entire gambling career around, I wrote a book about my experience from the other side. The overriding purpose was to help others not fall into the same trap I did. At the same time, I would offer anyone who wanted help, help in learning what I found as a way to beat the machines on a very consistent basis.

I would never charge anyone a dime for my advice.

Id never take any money from anyone even if they hit an incredible jackpot.

  I would always be available for questions at anytime.

Over the years the math people and famous names have clearly shown that they dont like my position as a professional video poker player. Im banned from most Internet forums because I argue them into frustrating frenzies that always disrupt.

At the end of the day, I believe the truth about my methods and views on video poker is firmly understood. Ive thrown out many challenges to the disbelievers and name callers several of the offers very high profile. Mouths become silent and the chest-pounding abruptly stops whenever that occurs.

But the lies, insults and bravado continue by the anonymous over the Internet. I take them on in their confidence-building groups, which is the most common way of attacking me. And, they become more and more irritated.

Come to think of it, isnt that what the truth does to those who dont want to hear it?