Best Bet of the Day Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cub - 05-30-08

May 30, 2008 8:03 PM

by GT Staff | Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs (-150): The Rockies pitching has been shaky lately, allowing 20 runs Monday in Philadelphia. In Chicago, expect much of the same this afternoon with the likes of Soriano, Lee, Ramirez and Fukodome all ripping the ball against right-hander Aaron Cook.

Wrigley Field has become an advantage in 2008, as the Cubs (33-21) are 23-8 at home a better mark than the much-talked about Arizona (19-11). When set-up man Carlos Marmol and closer Kerry Wood finding their groove, Chicago seems to have all the pieces of place.

Colorado (20-34) is among MLBs Bottom 5 (SD, SF, Seattle, KC) and is a weak 8-20 on the road, the second-worst mark in MLB behind Seattle (7-20). Lets back the better line-up and a +12 (games over .500) home versus home versus a -14 road dog. Also worth noting, the streaks are an advantage to the Cubs as the home team have won four straight while the Rockies while Colorado have now lost four straight tying them for the second-worst road record in the Junior Circuit with San Diego. Ted Lilly has been decent in his starts this season. Watch the weather in this one too as a tornado watch pretty much covered the state of Illinois this morning.CUBS.

PICK 6: Cubs-Red Sox-Cardinals-Indians-Diamondbacks-Tigers.