'Totals' continue to pay dividends

Jun 4, 2008 7:06 AM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | For those of us who are following the overs and unders, we again showed a profit this week, fueled by the Phillies, who scored an astonishing 55 runs in only six games. When your team averages nine runs per game youve got to be at least 5-1, which the Phillies were.

Not only did they go over five out of six times, but they beat the run line in five out of six games.

Well stay with them again this week as they start the week hosting the Reds, who also have averaged almost six runs per game for the week.

On the under side of the totals, the Padres continue to excel with a four win two loss week. So this week our four favorite teams will be Phillies again for overs, joined by the Red Sox who are going back home; and for the unders, the Padres and Royals appear to be best bets.

The daily selections on the Internet have been okay as we sometimes recommend other teams that are overstated or understated depending on pitchers and certain weather conditions.

The NBA Finals have shaped up as advertised and I still believe the Lakers will take it all in six games. The key as I see it is if the two Lakers big men can neutralize the Boston frontline, which leaves Kobe and Fisher versus Allen and Pierce, and that my friends is no contest!

This week Id like to expound on some expressions that weve all heard almost on a daily basis. For instance "theres a first time for everything" and on June 3, 1958 my lovely bride and I got married for the first time.

"Much water has flowed under the dam since that day" and our lives have "twisted and turned" many times since. Im thoroughly convinced that we both "got lucky" that day, even though weve indeed had our "ups and downs" throughout the years. Our journey has been like a "roller coaster ride" and hopefully we still have many more "hills to climb." The expression of "dont make the same mistake twice" has never come into play with us, although Im certain weve made other mistakes at least twice! The total sunshine of our lives are our three children, their wives and children and nothing in life can bring more pleasure and happiness to us since weve been "dealt the nuts." Our "glasses are not only half full"; they are entirely full to the top.

Have a great week!