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Sports Notes - 06-03-08

Jun 3, 2008 7:00 PM

Another Side To Baseball Bets

Our trademark phrase is "News You Can Bet On." Well, here’s some juicy betting information for baseball that you won’t see on ESPN or most any newspaper in the land. It’s the over / under breakdown of both teams and pitchers. GT baseball handicapper Sid Diamond is certainly on to something by mostly betting on projected run totals. Sides are still more popular, but that may be because less info is provided on over / under.

Which brings you, the bettor, to us. For instance, Oakland lefty Greg Smith has seen his 6 of his last 7 starts fall under the total. Conversely, Texas righty Sidney Ponson is 7-1 to the over. The Atlanta Braves are 37-18-2 to the under. Pittsburgh is 33-17-5 to the over. Betting sides isn’t the only way to make money. – Mark Mayer


Czech Out Start Of Euro Soccer

Didn’t we just have a European soccer championship? Well, yes and no. The UEFA Champions League final, won by Manchester United, involved Europe’s top teams. The Euro Cup, which runs June 7-29 in both Austria and Switzerland involves countries and the largest competition next to the World Cup.

There are 16 nations competing with Germany the 3-1 favorite at Caesars Palace and Austria the longest shot at 85-1. The Cup begins Saturday with Switzerland vs the Czech Republic and Portugal vs Turkey. GT soccer guru Kevin Stott, who was 5-1 in UEFA picks, favors the Czechs (PK, -110) and under 2 goals.

Stott also likes Portugal (-½, -122). Here are Kevin’s other choices: June 8: Croatia -½, Germany -1, over 2½; June 9: France -1½, Italy PK; June 10: Spain -½, Sweden PK.