Interleague: Bet the home teams

Jun 10, 2008 7:04 PM

Diamondís Gems by Sid Diamond | The report card on our over and under teams this week shows the first negative week of the season. The only winning team of the week was San Diego, who played four successful 2-1 games and remarkably won them all.

This week will be highlighted by interleague play, beginning on Friday. It is extremely difficult to project the outcomes of these games for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is the home teams have a great advantage, primarily due to the designated hitter rule utilized by the American League home teams and not utilized by the National League home teams.

Other factors include unfamiliar stadiums, and long trips, such as San Diego going to Cleveland, and the Dodgers going to Detroit; also a mix of both American and National League umpires clouds the picture.

Additionally coaching, pitching and hitting tendencies are generally unknown on both sides. Now that we know why you canít pick winners in interleague play, letís pick some, for finally weíve got a good excuse for tearing up our tickets.

Marlins at Rays: both teams rely on pitching with a slight edge to the Rays because of Kazmir. Under.

Texas at Mets: Texas scores many runs and gives up many more. Mets have some sticks and should score often. Over.

Yankees at Houston: There is no warning track in this ball park, as it goes from short left to the wall a la Fenway. Both clubs have big boppers and should go over often. Over.

Royals at Diamondbacks: Neither team scores much and Arizona pitching should prevail, even with the ball carrying well in the thin air. Under.

Nationals at Seattle: Both teams canít score, and I canít imagine anyone paying $50 for a seat to see this match up. Take plus one-and-a-half runs here and you should have no problem cashing. Under.

Oakland at Giants: another blue chip match-up of two teams that canít score. The Aís sometimes surprise you, but the Giants rarely do. Good pitching on both sides, but there figures to be a shortage of runs scored. Under.

I have a pretty good feel for these projections, but based on past performances Iíd cut my bets in half if I were you!

I took note this week of an occurrence that happened last week at Safeco Park in Seattle. Two women were admonished by an usher for kissing each other while watching a Major League Baseball game.

Several schools of thought crossed my mind, as I thought about this somewhat unusual circumstance. One was: "Well, I have to be somewhat tolerant, as I have the same feelings towards women."

But of course Iím supposed to, I guess, as I am a man. Another thought was, "Well, itís almost an accepted behavioral pattern, as not only has Massachusetts but also nearby California have now instituted the legality of same sex marriage.

Who am I to be judging othersí behavior as almost all of us have some hang-ups that perhaps others would deem unusual behavior in todayís society? Who among us has the right to throw the first stone?

After much thought and scrutiny of the Washington incident, I finally came up with the acceptable analysis: Have you ever watched the Seattle Mariners play? Without a doubt they are the worst team in baseball, and if a person pays $50 or so for a seat to see them play, they should be able to do anything they want in the stands, barring causing injury to others.

Have a great week!