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I need to play poker with more Marines

Jun 10, 2008 7:03 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Carol, let me touch upon gambling and the Korean War.

When Gen. Douglas MacArthur decided to end the Korean conflict by quickly setting up the Battle of Inchon, one of my duties on a small ship of the United States Navy was to assist the Marines.

On one of these adventures, we rescued about 50 young Marines and, believe it or not, they wanted to gamble. Some would play poker, others shot dice. Like in the movie "Full Metal Jacket," they were ready for anything.

At this time I owned the ship, having won everyone’s money. I loaned it back to them so we could play some more. The Marines had just narrowly escaped getting killed and were ready to gamble.

They did not know or care that I was the best darn poker player in the world. When I would bet, they would just raise me. I did not know what to do until they almost busted me playing poker on my home ship.

I was the man that could not lose and all my shipmates knew this. However, these Marines did not know I was supposed to win and couldn’t care less who they were playing poker with.

So I said to them, like Nick the Greek did to Johnny Moss, "I think I am going to have to give you up fellows. However, I will shoot a little craps with you."

With my final chip, we wound up in a craps game shooting the dice against the bulkhead. I threw snake eyes with my final money, got up off my knees, and dusted off the area to see if there was anything left to play with.

There was nothing.

As I was getting up to leave this dismal defeat and surrender the U.S. Naval service to the Marines, a black sailor from the Deep South reached into my pocket and pulled out a $5 bill.

He said, "Johnny, look man you are not broke!"

I dropped back on my knees and I felt the magic. The force was with me like Luke Skywalker from "Star Wars." I could feel the power of mind over inanimate objects.

If you have ever felt the power on the dice, you know what they’re going to do. There is no such thing as having the power over an inanimate object, except when you have it.

I could own the world with my power and all that was in it. When you feel that power, it is like the Lord creating the world. Nobody can take it from you.

In my lifetime I have had the power more than once. I have run toothpicks up into lumber yards and cut some very big logs along the way.

OK-J Poker Tip

In a very few minutes I won back the United States Navy – and I owned the Marines. My black sailor friend was the conduit of the power.

When I left the ship for the big PX over here, I went around to all my buddies who owed me money and cut their tab in half with the promise that the other half would be paid to my black buddy.

They all said they would. The motto: Don’t step on the little people and they will always help you up if you stumble!