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Daniel Negreanu has a new book, Power Hold'em Strategy

Jun 11, 2008 7:02 AM

Book Reviews by Howard Schwartz | Charismatic, successful and respected world class poker player Daniel Negreanu has his new book, Power Hold’em Strategy ($34.95, paperbound, 511 pages) ready for anyone aspiring to win big money. It is a chunky package that contains a lot of information for various aspects of Hold’em.

Of the six sections, only one is by Negreanu. Titled Small Ball, this nearly 200-page chapter devotes much of its energy to explaining why tournament poker is a battle for blinds and antes while incorporating methods for successfully winning those battles. He covers hands to stay with, those to raise with, how to get more action for less money, playing a short stack, how small preflop raises can win you more money after the flop, keeping your composure and mixing up your play.

That’s only part of it. With charts, tables, hand examples and illustrations, he builds a solid foundation of advice, makes you think, probe your own mode of play, and suggests new moves worth testing and applying.

Evelyn Ng starts the book off with a 50-page section titled Big-Bet No-Limit Hold’em: A Strategy for Novice Tournament Players; Todd Brunson focuses on Winning at High Limit Cash Games (70 pages); Erick Lindgren offers advice on Playing No-Limit Hold’em Online (60 pages). Paul Wasicka has a 30-page section on Short-Handed Online No-Limit Hold’em Cash Games and David Williams has 60 pages devoted to Mixing It Up, including playing against unpredictable players, changing gears, tournament play and setting groundwork for traps.

 Overall, the book is a powerful mix of talent and advice by respected, big-name players who have already proven themselves in high stakes games and tournaments. Add this one to your library and you’ll pick up some new ideas to improve your game at any level.

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