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Belmont was a Big brown stain

Jun 10, 2008 7:05 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | It was a forgone conclusion. Big Brown, even with the quarter crack, his connections said, was fine. He would romp in the Belmont Stakes and give racing fans a much needed boost with a long overdue Triple Crown winner.

There are no cinches when it comes to betting. Just ask the New England Patriots, who thought they were a cinch to win the Super Bowl and make history with a perfect 19-0 season. Big Brown has a case of the blues today, never really running a step.

It was a hard thing to watch him languishing up the track, giving horse racing another big black eye for the small fan base that remains. As I looked at some of the casual bettors after the race, they appeared in shock.

How could this super horse never run a step? It was like highway robbery! There will be few new fans after this debacle, but expect a lot of conspiracy theories.

One already going around is that it just may be a cinch when it comes to gambling. What if you knew that your horse would not win? If that was the case, a very big score on the exotics could be made knowing that your horse, going off at 30 cents on the dollar, would be eliminated.

Now, I personally don’t believe any of this, but it is just something that the conspiracy nuts are thinking. Sort of like there was more than one shooter, we knocked down our own buildings and all that crap. What has been said is how does a 30-cents-on-the-dollar cinch run out of the money and there are no bridge jumpers?

The show prices really came back short with 38-1 shot Da’ Tara winning the race and only paying $14.80 to show. There were two trifectas with the dead heat for third. One paid $3,954 for $2 and the other paid $3,703.

Now the real question is, why did Big Brown’s handlers not use the normal stuff (steroids) that they had been giving him in previous races? If you already have a $50 million deal locked up, why even run the horse if he has a problem?

There are too many whys and no answers, too many shady characters in the mix. That just causes more concern for the entire racing industry and all the little guys and gals betting their money and never getting a run for it.

At least the New England Patriots put up a struggle and it took a miracle catch to beat them. The Belmont is another story that will be hashed over for a long time.

The bottom line is that we may never see Big Brown on the track again, but I hope he does race just to know if he can compete with the likes of a Curlin. I don’t think he can and, as I said a few weeks ago, he is no Big Red! (Secretariat).

One good thing from the race is that there will be a $1 million-plus carryover in the Pick 6 at Belmont this Wednesday. Also, there will be a 23k-plus Twin Q carryover at Station Casinos race books this Wednesday.

If you happen to be a subscriber to, I will be covering the big Twin Q carryover in my online column "Saber’s Daily Horse Selections." If you are not a subscriber, better get signed up.

You can win for losing

As of this Monday morning, the Lakers are down 2-0 to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. But, if you are holding a futures ticket on the Lakers to win the title you have already won the bet. That is if you made the play at one of the Harrah’s properties.

Harrah’s did not take bets on the Celtics since they have some owner restrictions. So don’t throw that Lakers ticket away if they lose and you made the bet at Harrah’s. If you made the bet at some other sports books, then you may be in a little trouble.

One other note: My aunt and uncle reprimanded me for never talking about my dear departed mother, Mary, in my column since I always talk about my dad, Bennie. This seems like a good spot.

Mom always had some kind of saying that fit the situation. With the Big Brown debacle she would have said, "Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched."