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No VooDoo

Jun 10, 2008 7:03 PM

The Indoor War by Kevin Stott |


Saturday, June 14

Rush at Force: Two of the AFL’s heavyweights battle in Georgia in a game more important to the Force (9-5, 7-7 ATS) than the Rush (10-4, 7-7 ATS). If Chicago can’t beat the Blaze in SLC, than they shouldn’t win in Georgia. FORCE.

Dragons at Desperados: Last year, Dallas (11-3, 7-7 ATS) did a rain dance on the Dragons (7-6, 7-5-1), winning 67-13 at home and 60-7 in NY, an average victory margin of 53.5 PPG. New York has improved a bit and will breathe some fire on those semi-cowboys, to whom the game means really nothing. NY should be getting double digits and should stay within 10 here in Big D. DRAGONS.

Monday, June 16

Crush at Rattlers: Don’t like the way Colorado (4-9) has been playing lately, expecially with a 1-5 record on the road. John Elway’s boys have seemingly packed it in, while Arizona (7-6 SU/ATS) has played well the last month and is still alive for a playoff berth. The Rattlers lost to the Crush last year, but are better now. RATTLERS.