MLB totals: time for an encore!

Jun 17, 2008 7:03 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | If you played all the games we put forth last week, you’d have shown a profit of three units; not bad as I believe any profit during interleague play is indeed a bonus. This week’s over and under begins on Tuesday, and hopefully we can find another match up like San Fran and Oakland, who went a perfect 3-0 for our unders.

Let’s begin with the Red Sox visiting the Phillies on Tuesday and Wednesday. Beckett won’t go so I’d play both these games over, as warm weather makes the Philly ball park a definite over field, plus the fact the Philly plays high anyway. The Sox with Big Papi are not going to score as much, but J.D. Drew seems to be picking up the slack. Over.

Texas hosting the Braves will be our next over, as their pitching gets worse and their hitting continues to shine. Over.

Kansas City at the Cardinals figures to play a few under games as the Cards are without Albert Pulhoz, and the pitching of KC continues to be ok. Under.

The weekend’s action has a few more juicy match-ups with two under and two over possibilities that look like they can’t miss. Where have I heard that before?

The Reds and Yankees should have no trouble going over if the Yanks can get into the Cincy bullpen early. Herang looks like the only starter that can go six-plus innings, as the Yanks are patient hitters and will go deep into the counts. Over.

Texas heads to our nation’s capital with a pitching staff that can get very few quality innings, even against a poor Washington club, which somehow scores runs on everybody. Over.

The Giants at KC should be a low scoring series, and I dare you to name any two players that play for either club. Pitching is good on both sides, so look for plus 1½ run bargains. Under.

Florida at Oakland will play two night games and the balls don’t carry in that ball park at night. Both sides have very few big boppers to push the totals up. Avoid the Sunday match-up as the southwest winds could cause a higher score here. Under.

As today is Father’s Day throughout the country I feel compelled to give a few accolades to the fathers in America. I’m not sure we fathers deserve very much respect and adoration on this day, as our collective contribution to child birth is minimal at best. In the past I’ve heard from married couples that said "we’re working on it."

That statement always confused me somewhat, as working on something somehow denotes effort that is not necessarily pleasurable. I’m sure couples that have problems in this area are given many unusual suggestions, and probably have attempted many of them with some semblance of success.

In the past the raising of children almost always was the responsibility of the mother. While this is no longer the case in today’s society, I can still remember as if it was yesterday my dear mother saying "wait until your father gets home!"

In closing I salute the fathers of the world, as we should always serve as one who are compassionate, truthful and most importantly loving to our children, and never say "wait till you mother comes home."