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I dig golfing when it comes to charities

Jun 17, 2008 6:56 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | I hate golf but when it is beneficial for something good, I am all for it.

Just as long as I donít have to participate.

Some of the bookies and ex-bookies around town (not me as my clubs are at the bottom of Lake Mead) will be holding the 8th annual Family & Friends Golf Tournament at the Siena Club with all the monies (after golf fees are paid) going to the Childrenís Heart Foundation.

The one-day event takes place Sunday, July 13th at 1 p.m. The Siena Club is located at 10525 Siena Monte Ave. Las Vegas NV ( The format will be a four-person scramble, the price is $110 per person, ($440 per team) which includes prizes and a very nice buffet dinner afterward.

 If you happen to be in town that weekend and are bringing your clubs this will be a good time play some golf and get to meet some of the braintrust from the Las Vegas books and have a great time for a very good cause.

Contact Wynnís John Avello at 702-303-7147

 Since I quit playing golf around 10 years ago I very seldom watch it on TV. I have better things to do like study the next dayís racing form or watch an old movie. On Sunday, however I just happened to tune in and saw that Tiger Woods just may lose the U.S. Open to some old guy by the name of Rocco Mediate.

 I got interested, as I always do, when some old guy can come out on top beating a young superstar like the Tiger. It was really hard to listen to the all-knowing announcers as they questioned every move Tiger made and how gutsy he was by playing hurt.

 Bull, I say. This is the U.S. Open for Peteís sake, not some weekend golf get-together!

 It was sad to see Tiger throw his clubs when hitting a bad shot, but then they would show the old guy Rocco just smiling and having the time of his life. But as life would dictate, Tiger The Great made one of his clutch putts to force an 18-hole Monday playoff.

 Some thought it was a foregone conclusion that Tiger will win, including me. But, I rooted for the old guy and the underdog, Rocco.

Get a life, Congress

 You all know that some things really irritate me and one of them has to do with horse racing. I donít like all the drugs in the sport and something does have to be done to eliminate them. But, it really gets me that Congress has to stick its big long nose into the mess.

Politicians canít solve anything that really needs to be done, like gas prices, Social Security, immigration, the housing market, airport security, etc. They just never get anything important done except sneaking an Internet betting ban on a ports bill at the last minute.

They know nobody read the Internet ban before the ports bill was passed and now they want to get involved with our tax dollars to solve the steroids problem in horse racing.

Fat chance!