Barry Manilow celebrates birthday!

Jun 24, 2008 7:03 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | Happy Birthday Barry!

Rick White and Ira David Sternberg invited me to join them in the celebration of Barry Manilow’s 60-something birthday at the Hilton. A 25-foot-square cake was wheeled out on stage for the occasion. After the show, fans were offered champagne in special souvenir flutes.

Maybe Barry will do the annual 60th birthday like I have done for several years, you know the 1st annual 60th, the 2nd annual 60th, etc. It works quite well.

Barry’s fan base is mind blowing. Forget about all the hit records from the past, his show at the Hilton includes great staging and has become a more high-tech, well-oiled production. He’s been headlining at the Hilton since February 2005.

The Hilton seems to be enjoying a well deserved increase in popularity with their current entertainment line-up that includes Manilow, "Menopause The Musical," with my friend Paige O’Hara, and of course, The Scintas.

Now here’s something dear to my heart. The divine Eva Posner has invited me to do a master class for young performers at her International Rock Star Academy.

We don’t have a scheduled date yet, but I’ll be sharing information on marketing, image and presentation since I have volumes of experience in creating a brand that has endured for more than 50 years.

The International Rock Star Academy is located at 1631 East Sunset Road and you can call them at 914-2606. Check out the Rock star Academy link on I’m excited about the prospect and maybe I’ll pick up some new material.

June 19 was the final date for the musical comedy "Hats!" at Harrah’s. I saw the show twice and compared it to "Menopause The Musical." An earlier news release said the show was a gas, but it never caught on, so I guess it ran out of gas! Other recent closings include "The Society of Seven," and Toni Braxton, while soon to shut down is "The Second City" – all at the Flamingo.

"The Second City" is a spinoff of television’s "Saturday Night Live" so that may explain their successful seven years here in Las Vegas. I predict "The Society of Seven" will have a new venue when they return from their tour. The show is that good.

We all sent our best wishes to Braxton, who was dealing with health problems when she left. The big shocker was the sudden farewell to Trent Carlini at the Sahara. The Sahara is being refurbished and last week announced the booking of Bernie Yuman’s show "Raw Talent" or maybe it was "No Talent."

A show on the horizon for Las Vegas is another Cirque production with Criss Angel at the Luxor. I’m personally Cirque’d out.

As per Don Marrandino, president of Harrah’s Flamingo, The Donny and Marie Osmond show will open on Sept. 9 and run through February 2009. This is a show for the masses, and the appeal to fans of all ages is fantastic.

George Michael is finding it difficult to fill the big rooms for his current tour. He has allegedly stated that after this tour, (what, another farewell tour), he will only work smaller venues. He was, and still is, one of the most successful entertainers from the UK.

As a Las Vegas columnist, I keep trying to stay away from being judgmental. However, I can’t keep quiet about one of the latest examples of bad behavior that ultimately ended with possible life-altering results.

Las Vegas is a favorite of many sports figures (like Oakland Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker) who seem to have more money than most of us. That’s an understatement, I know. They behave like children, spraying their champagne and tossing greenbacks just because they can.

And let’s be honest, seems like management for these popular nightclubs turn their backs instead of understanding that these actions are in a reflection on Las Vegas.

It’s probably all about making money for the clubs but doesn’t management have a responsibility to correct this apparent bad behavior by escorting the party to the door?

I had just missed this latest champagne spraying because I left early. Besides, if anyone had messed up my drag evening wear there would be trouble in paradise.

Anyway, with continued behavior like this from these so-called sports stars, I doubt if any pro team would consider coming to Las Vegas. Too much for these young people to handle. In all fairness, this bad behavior isn’t unique to sports figures. Look up the word celebrity!

Looks like David Saxe at Planet Hollywood has scored again with the announcement that the latest Beatles tribute show, "Fab Four Live," opened at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile last week at Planet Hollywood.

Both locals and visitors alike are familiar with Station Casinos, but everyone in town was surprised when the president, Lorenzo Fertitta, resigned to pursue his interest in the Ultimate Fighting Championship that he and his brothers bought a few years ago for a mere $2 million. According to recent information, Mr. Fertitta’s annual income exceeded $100 million.

Again, my hat is off to Robin Greenspun for her efforts in Las Vegas. The movies and movie stars were here in abundance for CineVegas, which was held at the Palms. I support the film industry coming to Vegas and hope more projects come here in the near future.

Myself, dear friend Mimi Hines and my marketing team all went to see the "Folies Bergere" at the Tropicana. The "Folies" will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. During the show Mimi told me she and Phil Ford were in the Folies just about 50 years ago! I immediately called Jerry Jackson in California, the producer and director of Folies and suggested he bring back some of the original stars. That would be a great addition to the celebration.

The latest version of television’s "America’s Got Talent" introduced us to a young opera singer (Neal E. Boyd), who sells insurance. I have him pegged as the winner. The Tony Awards on television reminded all of us how brilliant and funny Whoopi Goldberg can be. She kept the awards show moving.

The big winner of the evening was "In The Heights," a Puerto Rican/Dominican musical about Latino life in Washington Heights, New York City. Nothing compares to Broadway.

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