I'm taking odds on Mets a.m. firings

Jun 24, 2008 7:04 PM

Between the Lines by Kevin Stott | Why fire your manager in normal hours in your hometown after a loss when you can wait to cleverly bag him after a win, in Anaheim at 3:15 in the morning? Some stealth-like stuff there Omar (Minaya).

Maybe Mets owner Fred Wilpon can "overachieve" and do the same to you at around 2:05 a.m. next Wednesday in St. Louis…

And a question for ESPN: When exactly does "BREAKING NEWS" finally stop breaking? Could you sacrifice a little overkill for a smidge of integrity? Please! Willie was fired a 3:15 a.m. and the story was still breaking at 3:15 p.m … In the immortal words of that boney beat poet from Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson, Shamon!

Okay. Let’s get back on that turnip truck they must think we just fell off of…

Starts Tuesday June 24

Giants vs. Indians (Tue-Thu): SF is an MLB-worst 2-10 in interleague and good enough to go against here but avoid Lincecum start unless matched up with Sabathia. Tribe no bargain but, like Tigers, should start winning against below average teams to try and catch Twins and Chisox in Central. INDIANS.

Yankees at Pirates (Tue-Thu): Bronx Bombers only AL East team over .500 on road (19-18) and hot lately, winning seven straight and 8 of 9. NY also had two straight sweeps vs. the Junior Circuit while the Bucs has lost 13 of its last 16 interleague games. Vayo con Yanquis. YANKEES.

Orioles at Cubs (Tue-Thu): Cubs still have best mark in MLB (48-28) and top NL home record (32-8), strong stats, especially when compared to Orioles worst overall interleague slate (88-118). CUBS.

BONUS: RED SOX over D’Backs, WHITE SOX over Dodgers, BLACK SOCKS over Brown socks.

Starts Friday June 27

Rays at Pirates (Fri-Sun): With just one interleague win in 2008 and a recent string (13 of 16) of setbacks to the AL, the Pirates are floundering.

TB (7-5 interleague.) needs wins against average foes and is torn between trying to catch the Bosox and having the upstart Yanks nipping at their heels. RAYS.

Giants at A’s (Fri-Sun): Hate to pick on SF – well maybe not – but poor interleague record (2-10) and Oakland’s recent surge (W 6-9, 7-5 int.) along with the A’s sweep in Frisco makes Bay Bridge Series side easy to choose… A’s.

Angels at Dodgers (Fri-Sun): Freeway Series a lean to Halos, the best road team in baseball (24-12), and against a Dodgers (2-7 int.) team that scores runs like Olive Oyl ate hamburgers – eh, Wimpy Burgers. ANGELS.

BONUS: TIGERS over Rockies, BLUE JAYS over Braves, GOODMAN over Gibbons, SWISS over Colby.