Even Utah could blaze!

Jun 24, 2008 7:02 PM

The Indoor War by Kevin Stott |


The playoffs are here in the AFL and no other league has more below .500 teams being rewarded for their mediocrity with a postseason berth than indoor football.

This year in the AFL, anybody really could beat anybody. Arizona upset Dallas. Utah blasted Chicago. And Kansas City even beat Philadelphia as an 18½-point underdog! This league’s unpredictability could hardly be deemed as parity.

Strangely enough, the worst team, KC (3-13) was the best team against the spread (10-6) while the Crush was the worst ATS (5-11).

Divisionally, the Eastern was the best, the Central the worst and the Southern the most competitive.

The Rattlers and Gladiators improved the most, the Destroyers and Crush fell off the most and fan interest remained tepid at best despite ESPN’s respectable attempts to promote the AFL.

And maybe the strangest team was the Utah Blaze who averaged the fourth-most points per game in the league (58.8) behind the league’s most-prolific QB, Joe Germaine . For the year Germaine has gaudy stats (4,859 passing yards, 97 TDs), and is MVP candidate on a 6-10 team that may still make the playoffs.

(Did I just write 6-10 and playoffs in the same sentence?)

Without teams or matchups etched in stone at press time, picks are impossible but interested GT readers can go to our website at gamingtoday.com on next Friday, June 27 and access the "Today’s Feature" section (free) for my write-up on the AFL Playoffs complete with a couple Wild Card selections for that Saturday and Sunday.

And like a blind squirrel that occasionally finds a nut, there you may find a winner to try and help pay for a gallon of gas which is so expensive that on Tuesday David Letterman said now he "is buying it by the glass." May the Force Be With You.