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Smile: end near for interleague!

Jun 25, 2008 7:03 AM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | Before we get into the baseball selections for this week, permit me to select the MVP of the Boston Celtics Danny "Houdini" Ainge. Congratulations are definitely in order for a great group of team players on their runaway victory over the Lakers for the NBA Championships. Light up, Red!

A further word on Tim Donaghy, the disgraced ex-NBA ref who not only bet on games he worked but now hes attempting to get less jail time by alleging the league and others refs attempted to alter the outcomes of some playoff games. What a piece of garbage this rat is. I hope they throw away the key!

In baseball this week, Ive got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is we must endure another full week of impossible to beat interleague play. The good news is this will be the end of it for another season.

Some may question why its impossible to beat interleague play. Well, try this on for size: probably the two best teams in baseball are the Red Sox and the Yankees. Well, this past weekend they both lost two out of three at home to two weak National League teams, one without their best player (Pujol), and the other to the Reds, who are 15 and 25 on the road, and tied for the worst record in the weak Central Division.

If that isnt bad enough, two dead under teams matched up and scored 42 runs in three games at KC as the homestanding Royals eked out an 11-10 victory to take two out of three from the Giants. Id keep going on this subject, but Im getting sick to my stomach, so lets go to this weeks match-ups.


Yankees at Pirates: Yankee bats come alive against very little quality pitching in Pittsburgh, which has the leagues worst ERA at over 5 runs per game. OVER.

Twins at Padres: Both teams have good bullpens and dont score very many runs, and if you enjoy watching paint dry tune into this exciting series. UNDER.

Texas at Astros: Both teams have good hitters and can score runs, especially Texas, who also give up many runs, and this ballpark is perfect for them to score and be scored on. OVER.


Cubs at White Sox: I cant wait for this match-up as I make the over/under for home runs at 4 per game. Its just how many runners are on when they happen. OVER.

Yankees at Mets: the concentration level picks up here for bragging rights for NYC are in the balance. Avoid only Santana for over bets and fire at the other two games. OVER.

Seattle at Padres: Each team has only one legitimate player, and each coach will pitch around them, as the rest of the lineups are Punch and Judy. Even the great Ichiro is hitting under .300, and hes a guaranteed Hall of Famer. Anything that looks like an 8 should be bet under with a swagger.

Each week in this column I like to take a shot at interesting aspects of world happenings. I am starting with the activity surrounding Gloucester High School in Massachusetts, where it has been revealed that there are currently 17 young high school students whove gotten pregnant this year.

Rumor has it that a number of the girls are part of a group that advocates getting pregnant as some others who asked for a pregnancy test which was negative were disappointed. I am appalled at these young women using the opposite sex as tools to accomplish their collective mission. Its extremely troubling to me that one sex is using the opposite sex as merely sex objects, with little or no concern for the feelings of those being used.

The one positive aspect here probably deals with male school attendance, which by all rights surely has increased tremendously, which is a plus for the Gloucester school system. It is also possible that male transfers from other schools in the surrounding areas may flood the administrative offices and cause overcrowding of classrooms which may lead to more rooms being built to handle a potential overflow of new students.

If you doubt that these events can not happen, and then you probably werent a guy that went to high school.

Have a great week!