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Saber's Horse Racing Betting Tips - 07-07-08

Jul 7, 2008 7:30 PM

Horse Racing Betting Tips by Richard Saber |

It was not a very good weekend, but at least there is only one more week of Hollywood Park and then it’s on to Del Mar by the Sea. The Solano Fair begins on Wednesday and it can’t be any worse than Pleasanton – they run through July 20.

Yesterday’s results

At Hollywood Park in race three our key play, the 1-2 quinella, was a winner and in race three our Horses to Watch (HTW) selection, Vixana, won but was bet down to odds-on. In race six Ann’s Plan got beat at the wire and that cost us. Race seven was a loser but we did have the winners in the last two races. At Pleasanton, nothing good of note happened and our Key Play and HTW in race eight, Prairie City Road, was hooked early and stopped on a dime.

Betting note: there has been some question of what a player should do when I select more than one horse in a race and it is not a key play. Usually when I do that I am not sold on any particular horse in that race but would most likely bet one of the three if the price was right. Remember, these selections are made with morning line odds, and they can change dramatically once the horses hit the track. Occasionally, I would use all three in the Pick Threes and rolling doubles; if you would be playing those types of bets, feel free to go ahead, if not you can just make a small three horse box in the exacta, quinella or tri. If any of you have questions about the site just e-mail me at: [email protected]