Hale just released a new poker game

Jul 8, 2008 7:01 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | I have just released a new game (patent pending) that can be called either "Oklahoma Johnny" Hale Hold’em, Oklahoma Hold’em or Okie Hold’em.

Anyway, it’s trademarked.

The game can be played limit, pot limit or no limit and works the same as Texas Hold’em. Each player gets two personal cards. The flop is three and the turn one. It’s all the same except there is no common river card. Instead, it becomes an Ocean card or Okie card.

All players still active in the pot at the time the old river card would have been turned up receive a third personal card – making it three personal and four common cards. From those you make the best five-card poker hand anyway you wish.

The game will be introduced at the Wildhorse in Pendleton, Oregon on Wednesday, July 16. Any poker room manager or owner may contact me for permission to use the game.

Anyway, as I took in another Fourth of July, I thought of the night poker died at the old Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. I played the last hand at the Mecca of Poker and observed the conversation between Bobby Baldwin and Eric Drake. Bobby said to Eric, "Let’s do it," and the room was closed.

Rumor has it a deal was made to trade the poker room to Binion’s in exchange for no opposition to the closing of Carson Street so that the Golden Nugget could build a new high-rise hotel. Now, I don’t know if this old rumor is true, but it is strange.

The poker room at the Golden Nugget did close and the one at Binion’s did open when the next hand was dealt. A new high-rise hotel was built on what was once Carson Street. I think it’s 8-5 a trade was worked out.

In the old 1950’s, we played poker in Tulsa and among the games was one called Dealer’s Choice. Only the dealer would ante, dealing two cards to each player. Since he was the only one who had anted, you could play or throw your hand away at no cost if not wanting to play it.

Two of the players from that game (C.W. and Dee L.) brought the game to Las Vegas and introduced it to Bill Boyd, general manager of the old Golden Nugget.

Bill liked the game and created the first ever poker tournament in Las Vegas, which was called Most Money Won. Players could begin and quit at anytime.

A record was kept of winnings with daily, weekly and monthly champs receiving a prize. That game is now Texas Hold’em. So it now time for my Okie game.

OK-J Tip of the Week

I know that some of you cannot wait for details of my new game so email: OK-Sarah at [email protected]. Maybe they will tell you.