Try relating coupons with poker

Jul 8, 2008 7:03 PM

Winning Strategies by Elliot Frome | Couponing is a lot like playing proper strategy in the casino.

What if you opened up the Sunday paper and found a coupon for 50 cents off each gallon of gas with a fill-up? Would you cut out the coupon and use it, or just turn the page?

What if the coupon didnít have an expiration date on it? Would you run to the local store and buy a few extra copies? Perhaps youíd buy every copy of the paper. After all, isnít spending an extra dollar or two worth it to get a coupon that will save you $6-$10 every time you fill up?

This past week, my wife and I did our regular food shopping and like most all of us probably noticed how some common foods have really gone up in price the past few years. Want some potato chips for your July 4 barbecue? Theyíre not three for $2 anymore, but instead two for $3.

Coupons are the way to reward the few people willing to really take advantage at the expense of all the people who choose not to. In many respects, sale prices are the same way. We have some friends who shop only for the foods they need the coming week. We have a pantry and extra freezer that probably hold a few months worth of food.

Stores like to advertise lower prices, but if that were the case, why donít they lower all their prices every week instead of only some each week? They donít do this because they want to put a big splash ad on the front of their circular that says huge sale and then list the very best of the week.

This is what casinos do when they say on a sign "We have full-pay video pokers." Why donít they make all their machines pay 99.5 percent instead of just some? Why donít they make all their slots pay 99.5 and not just the video poker machines?

Just like the stores know that not everyone will take full advantage of all the sales and coupons, so do the casinos understand that only a small percentage of players will capitalize on the full-pay machines. Some people wonít even look for them.

Some will, but donít know how to really play them. Some will just play slot machines. The good news is that the more players choose to ignore the opportunities to play the highest payback machines at their full theoretical value, the more the casinos can afford to offer them.

If every shopper cut all the coupons and stocked up on only the sale items, supermarkets wouldnít be able to offer these prices and/or the coupons.

Iíd like to think that most of you, if you stumbled upon that gas coupon at the beginning of my column would probably run out and buy as many papers as you could to gather as many coupons as possible and save on gas. So, why wouldnít you do the same thing when in the casino?

I donít mean that you should go hunting down all those promotional coupons? Rather, take the time to learn how to play video poker using Expert Strategy. Learn the right way to play and then use it every time you go to the casino. Itís like a coupon that never expires and can be used an unlimited amount of time.

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