NFL divisional proposition bets

Jul 8, 2008 7:01 PM

by Kevin Stott |Let’s dive in to some NFL divisional proposition bets before the water gets too cold…


The NFC’s toughest division has two good bets in the Super Bowl champion Giants (3-1, Las Vegas Hilton) and my favorite, the Philadelphia Eagles (11-4). The Cowboys (5-6) are the darlings on paper, but to throw down $100, fight through their tough schedule with everyone gunning for them, and then win the East to win a mere $50 just doesn’t seem worth it. EAGLES, GIANTS (or both).


The Packers (were 8-5) are favored but the Lions (were 6-1) may be the bets value if they can only learn how to win on the road. Da Bears (were 13-5) and Vikings (were 7-4) provide no real value should they win what Chris Berman calls the "Norris Division." The Las Vegas Hilton has taken the entire division odds off the board for now due to Brett Favre’s decision on whether to come back to the NFL. PASS.


I like the Bucs (2-1) as the Saints (11-10) just have too many questions and the Kim Kardashian curse now upon them. The Falcons (14-1) are just not viable and could be 100-1 and wouldn’t draw action. The Panthers (5-2) could sneak through but with defense always being so important, TB looks logical. BUCS.


Injuries slowed the Rams (11-2) in 2007 and with a healthy Bulger, Jackson and Pace back to start the season, there should be a different vibe this year in the Gateway City. The Seahawks (5-6), Cardinals (2-1) and 49ers (6-1) just don’t offer enough return for their expectations. RAMS.


The Pats (1-11) provide the most comical bet here of all. What do you do? Put $10 down to win $1 in January? Nope. $100 for $10? $1,000 for $100? Maybe, if you’re rich. And how ‘bout $10,000 for $1,000? Scary stuff if the Bills (8-1) arrive this fall. The Jets (10-1) and Dolphins (25-1) can’t climb over the the other two so maybe Buffalo is the best bet but I’ll PASS like Tom Brady – who gets paid less than Falcons rookie QB Matt Ryan – on this division.


The Steelers (10-11) always find a way to win it but the Browns (7-4) are catching them slowly. And with their depth at the skill positions (Anderson-Quinn, Stallworth-Edwards-Winslow-Jurevicius, Lewis), I’m siding with Cleveland and hoping its’ defense gets defensive. The Bengals (5-1) have a cancerous player (Johnson) and the Ravens (8-1) score like the Dodgers do – seldom. BROWNS.


Toughest four in a division in the AFC with the Colts (4-7), Jaguars (2-1), Titans (6-1) and Texans (15-1) all capable of beating almost anyone in the league at anytime. Sorry, Charlie, just too tough to pick. PASS.


The Chargers (1-4) look like the easiest pick of all but for .25 of every dollar you wager? The Broncos (9-2) should be way better but I remember saying the same thing right about this time about them last season. The Raiders (8-1) and Chiefs (12-1) don’t click on offense and have too many new and unproven parts. Unbettable Billy. PASS.

Next week we’ll look at the Divisional odds as well as the numbers to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.