Yogi Berra would never want interleague baseball!

Jul 8, 2008 7:04 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | With the All-Star break coming next week, I hope itís good for my betting. Itís been down the tubes since interleague.

I was having a very good year and interleague took care of that. However, I made a note to take a vacation next season when interleague starts. I had planned on a vacation last year, but the high gas prices and the out of sight air fares kept me in Vegas to bet baseball.

Big mistake.

I happened to be in a sports book this past weekend and some player made a stupid mistake that caused one of the bettors to go ballistic with more expletives than I have heard since my pool room days back in the "Ville."

Mr. Ballistic then proceeded to tell everyone around him how dumb the players are today compared to when the likes of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays played. He added that all the catchers were stupid and didnít know how to call a game, saying Yogi Berra was one of the best at calling a pitcherís game.

I was going to give him a Yogi story, but decided to save it for here. It was a Monday morning and Yogi loved to get up early after a Sunday afternoon game to read the box scores in the newspaper. Yogi noticed they listed him going 2-for-3 when in fact he went 3-for-3.

Yogi immediately got on the phone and called the New York Times demanding to speak to the person that did the box scores. He got this young kid on the line and started yelling about the incorrect box score. The kid told Yogi it was a typographical error.

Yogi was silent for a minute and then screamed into the phone yelling, no way, it was a clean hit to center.

I guess players were a lot smarter back then.

As it heats up in Vegas, there is good news for horse players. Del Mar opens Wednesday, July 16, and if you happen to have enough dough left after the debacle at Hollywood Park you can take a little drive and cool off at this beautiful ocean site.

In my younger days, I looked forward to the trip every year. But now they have just about priced me out of going with the hotel rooms, the parking and the $7 beer. Still, it would be sacrilege for a horse player living in Vegas not to go for at least a few days.

I love to play the ponies, but Southern California racing has turned into a circus. Itís not about the racing anymore, rather on carryover Pick 6 with the announcer being like a barker at a carnival trying to hustle everyone. The horses approach the gate and just circle until they get every cent from the fans.

Just shut up, get them in the gate on time and let them run. Enough is enough! By the way, this Thursday is the National Handicapping Championship Qualifier at Palace Station and its only $40.

Two last notes on baseball. First, sometimes when you think you know it all you donít know spit. That forces an adjustment in handicapping. You never stop learning.

I remember one day when my brother Tom came home from grade school at St Peterís and my mother Mary asked him what he learned that day.

"I guess not enough," he said. "I gotta go back tomorrow."

And what about the Rays since they got exorcized and the Devil is gone! Call me a priest.