Rita Rudner is juicy addition to Big Apple

May 1, 2001 12:44 PM

What a week for new openings! Rita Rudner at New York-New York was superb, chic and charming. Besides being a classy lady, this woman is funny in a brilliant and creative way. For an hour and half she entertained the crowd, never missing a beat with her timing. Her delivery is sharp, witty and very funny. (Equally important she came out in a new publicity photo wearing nothing but casino chips and playing cards - an image that would make testosterone boil!)

A big moment in Rita’s show was when she brought her dog on stage and did a routine that had the audience rolling in the aisles. Take that, white tigers!

Also opening last week was the Scintas, who began an indefinite run at The Rio’s Copa Cabana showroom, once occupied by Danny Gans. The family group from Buffalo, New York, hasn’t missed a beat since it left the Hilton. The bigger show actually has better costumes, sets and lighting. The Rio has to get behind this show with creative marketing; they should have another winner.

Speaking of the Hilton, Sheena Easton is preparing for her debut in June. In a story we broke first, the Hilton finally confirmed Friday that Sheena will be performing in the NightClub from June 2 through Sept. 2. The Grammy Award winner, who co-starred with David Cassidy at The Rio, will also split time in the Hilton Theater.

At Mandalay Bay, Storm is off to a good start while they are still fine tuning the show, and it seems to be creating a following. The cutting edge show has a Latin flavor, kind of like salsa MTV meets VH-1.

Speaking about Latin flavors, my hat’s off to Sam’s Town for having the courage to book Celia Cruz, the Queen of Latin music. For those of you who don’t know Celia, she is the High Priestess of Latin Soul, and her show should not be missed. Celia has won multiple awards, honors and accolades and sold over 70 albums as the undisputed queen of Latin music. If you don’t recognize her name, you might have seen her in Mambo Kings.

At the Sahara, the new afternoon show starring Michael Holly is hilarious. Michael is a comedian extraordinaire and is performing in the Congo Room where the Rat Pack performs the rest of the week.

At the Aladdin, the Broadway series continues with Fosse, May 22-26. This is a classic stage show. Please don’t miss it.

Also at the Aladdin, the word is that Carmen Electra has almost all the money in place for a show, but my spies tell me she is currently in New York auditioning for Chicago to prove her singing and dancing.

In a couple of weeks, Jeff Kutash’s new show, The Main Event starring Bob Anderson, will open at the Sands Hotel in Atlantic City. If the show makes it back to Las Vegas, it will be a winner here, and give Bob Anderson the star power he richly deserves.

This Saturday, the wonderful KC & the Sunshine Band will make a welcome appearance at the House of Blues. KC is now filming for TV’s Allie McBeal, and has a new album and documentary. What a workaholic!

At the MGM Grand, the sexy Crazy Horse revue should be opening soon. My spies tell me it’s hot!