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Jul 15, 2008 7:01 PM

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This week we return to the mailbag with an e-mail from Bob.

"I need clarification on your July article on "random" numbers etc," Bob wrote. "Do you change numbers each game? How long do you keep the quick pick selection or numbers out of a hat? Please comment on the 15, 13 spot etc, multigame keno and the number of cards to play at one time."

As to how often I change numbers, sometimes it is every game or sometimes if I seem to be winning I will stay on them for a while. I usually don’t go back to the same numbers after a playing session, but just start over again. This is purely a psychological choice, with no mathematical reason.

I just don’t like to see my "regular" numbers come up when I am not playing, so I solve this problem by using random choices for each playing session. I like 7-spots and there is certainly nothing wrong with playing them. You just have to realize that a significant portion of the payback is on the 7/7 so you are more likely to go broke faster playing them than you might playing a 5 or 6-spot.

If you play 10 tickets a day, you will probably hit a couple of 5-spots a year, maybe one 6-spot a year, but you might go a whole year without hitting a solid 7. So it requires some patience. A good way is to play 7’s on way tickets, but these are rarely played. The 7 is an odd number and have never been terribly popular, except for way 9’s in the past.

Tickets with more than 10 spots are playable. One of my favorites is the 13-way-13 that I showed last week. This ticket is one that is easier to play now that games are computerized, though hand checking it would not be terribly difficult either. The best of these tickets is the 12-spot in my opinion.

The 11-spots are fun and similar to 5-spots in action. The 15-spots are very similar to 6-spots, with frequent payouts and a chance to win $1,000 or more in a reasonable fashion. The key to playing a ticket with more than 10 spots is to make sure the pay rate your casino is offering on 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 is good. Some are really crummy.

I only play multi-race tickets rarely and, when I do, only long enough for my session since it’s for enjoyment. Part of the fun is watching my numbers come up. I don’t want to turn my enjoyment into a job.

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