Bookies: only the names change!

Jul 15, 2008 7:04 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | Heres a real dj vu for you that took 40 years to complete. Back in the 1960s, I used to bet the UCLA games while living in the San Fernando Valley. These games were tape delayed on TV about three or four hours after they started locally. If you didnt put on the news, they were live to you, as you had no idea of the final score.

My bookmaker at the time was out of Glendale, and one night he called about 10 p.m. and excitedly told me how great a game Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabar) had, along with the final score of the UCLA game. As it turned out, he also needed UCLA to cover, which they did easily that night. Well, coincidentally his friend called me last Tuesday night in a congratulatory mode, as he had been following my "under" picks in GamingToday.

Unknown to John, I had bet all unders that night, and refused to get myself aggravated by watching them. I had bet a "Grand Salami" (a total run proposition over or under on all games of the day) and didnt know any scores at the time. I got off the phone rather quickly, as I had done 40 years earlier with my man in Glendale. Fortunately I won both times, but it took a long time to complete this quinnella.

A word about the total lack of intelligence concerning the thousands of softball players in Clark County. You can go to any of the following locations on any day and see these morons out playing in 100-plus heat day or night Doc Romeos field, Lorenzi Park, Anthem Park, Summerlin Field and many others throughout the county. What drives these people to expend all this energy in these conditions is beyond my comprehension. Some of these airheads are over 70 and have been given numerous warnings about heat stroke and dehydration, but the warnings seem to fall on deaf ears. They run hard, throw as swiftly as possible, and play at least seven full innings that in most cases take over two hours for completion.

I just dont get it, but they seem to come back each week for more torture. Well, to each his own; incidentally, youll probably see this knucklehead at least twice a week at Anthem Park in Henderson.

It goes without saying that the All-Star Game will be the feature of this weeks activity. Id like to bring out two points: Never try to break a streak in baseball. There is little doubt that the American League has better players. As proof, I submit their interleague record of 149 wins to 103 losses. This doesnt mean anything to one game, but it would be hard for me to bet on the Nationals, and even harder to lay minus 150 on any baseball game, so Ill pass, but in the true American tradition, Ill bet on the under.

As were on a mini roll, here are some match ups that begin on Friday and continue through the weekend.

Pirates at Colorado: this is the only match up that you can blindly bet over this week and collect a few bets. Over.

Dodgers at Arizona: where are the runs going to come from here, even with the thin air in AZ. Under.

Nationals at Atlanta: The Braves are dangerous and are almost even money to sweep this series and hold down Washington to below 3 runs each game. Under.

Blue Jays at Tampa. Both teams have good pitching, and neither have much offense. Under.

Indians at Seattle. You must be kidding with these two clubs, as I am sure they are both in the bottom 10% of runs scored. Play anything under 8. Under.

Have a great week!