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$1,900 says Annie's smart

Jul 15, 2008 6:58 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | The second leg of the DRF/NTRA horse racing qualifier was held at Palace Station last Thursday and I happened to take part for the low entry fee of $40.

There were 97 entries, but I was not walking around lucky and finished middle of the pack. At least I didnt get skunked, managing an $18 winner. The contest was a lot of fun and Palace Station was packed with horse players wall to wall.

If youve never been in Palace, it does not have all the glitz as some of the other Station Casinos race books such as Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock, Santa Fe and Sunset Station. However, the Palace does have a top-notch crew from the big guy Bert to his supervisors Victor and Steve. They all ran the contest in a very friendly and professional manner.

All the ticket writers were very courteous and professional and the entire race book gets a big high five from this player. There were many top-notch players in the contest carrying laptops, tear sheets and other handicapping tools. The winner, however, was a regular at the Palace, a small Chinese lady that goes by Annie,

I call her Rosie because she reminds me of the Rosie who ran the bar in the TV series "M*A*S*H." Annie earned over $1,900 for the win and now moves on to the next leg the big contest at Red Rock. On a regular basis Rosie will bet anything that moves from a cockroach race to ultimate fighting. Last Thursday, it was the ponies.

I dont think Rosie reads the form as she was using the scratch sheet, watching the odds and moving those beads on her trusty abacus faster than you can shuffle a deck of cards. Rosie was the winner and I am on my way to Chinatown to pick up one of those bead thingamajigs. I hope she will teach me how to shuffle those beads because I will be at Boulder this Thursday taking another $40 shot.

Betting the ponies has become so difficult of late with all the drugs, different surfaces and what not that all past handicapping methods no longer apply. My new system has been taken from one of the old "Seinfeld" episodes when George did the opposite. Just start by tossing the ones that look the best and work backward. Do the opposite and you will get some big payoffs.

All-Star shame

The first half of the baseball season is over and now we head into the All-Star break with the Rays going backwards and the Mets rising from the dead. Tampa Bay has dropped seven straight to fall out of first place in the AL East. The red-hot Mets have won nine in a row and are just a half game behind the Phils in the NL East. This will be a very interesting second half.

As for the All Star Game, I have no interest. I see enough of interleague play that I dont need to see a "not so" All-Star Game. The players will get their bonus for making the team and thats about all they care about. What I care about is cell phones and the ban just may be over.

As most you who read my column on a regular basis know, I have been lobbying for this the last three years. Finally there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. This past week there was a vote by the all powerful Gaming Control Board that was 2-1 in favor of overturning the ban.

The control board member that voted to keep the ban stated that his boss had some concerns. Well, what were they? I thought that you were voting and not your boss. Us taxpayers would like to know his concerns.