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Saber's Horse Racing Betting Tips - 07-18-08

Jul 18, 2008 8:28 PM

Horse Racing Betting Tips by Richard Saber |

Yesterday’s results

At Del Mar our key play in race one ran second as we are still plagued with seconditis. Our key play in race two packed it in as the odds on choice and naturally we would have hit the next two races. We passed race five as our two if horses ran one two. We did hit our key play in race six, hitting a $10 Q that paid $18.40 for two bucks. We hit the double from race six to race seven but lost money in the process as it only came back $10.60. In the last race one of our horses in the dime superbox got scratched so we ended up with only four horse, we did run first second and third but could not get the hot Rosario home in the fourth slot to hit the super. At Solano we did hit our $20 win bet on Little Ava in race six but she got bet down from 7-2 to 3-2. Our single in the late Pick 4 won but we had two seconds and a winner in the previous three races losing the bet.


1st Post 4:00 PM

Race 1

If you have ever been to Del Mar in the past you know that when they have the late post some crazy things happen in the later races as the moist sea breeze comes in from the ocean and lays some of that moisture on the track. In this race all but the one look to have a chance but we will narrow it down to No. 6 Red Neck Gal who is dropped first off the Hollendorfer claim. Jerry is 30% first off the claim and he doesn’t full around with this girl as he tries to get his investment back right know. No. 8 Zee Topper is a deep closer who gets long shot jock Rosario in the irons, this girl will be flying late. We will use both in the early Pick 4 as we do have some singles in the mix. 6-8

Race 2

No. 2, America’s Friend, likes these turf sprints and will have a lot of speed to make her big late run. No. 3 Masterful Miss has tactical speed and will get a great stalking trip with Bejarano up. No. 4 Elusive Legend hasn’t been seen since winning her one and only on the Hollywood grass at six furlongs, Sadler looks to have her ready. 2-3-4

Race 3

No. 4 Tizzalating never ran a step in her first start despite taking solid action. She did get claimed by a top outfit and may show more today and the price will be right. No. 6 Miss Lydia exits a key race and takes a big drop in class. No. 9 Airplane Attendant makes her first start in a maiden claiming race after three failed attempts with straight maidens, she also get blinkers on in an effort to get more speed, Tyler strings along. 4-6-9

Race 4

No. 3 Freebiehadthemoves ran huge in her last start destroying 25k maiden claimers by nine lengths despite a slow start, she will be the one to beat in this week field. The one with the best shot at her looks to be HTW No. 4 Lauren C who had a nightmare of a trip last time out but looks to have the right style for this course and the bug boy Campos takes over, this girl will be coming late. 3-4

Key Play

$1 Pick 4

1st 2-3-4-5-6-7-8

2nd 4

3rd 4-6-9

4th 3 for $21

$1 Pick 4

1st 6-8

2nd 2-3-4

3rd 4-6-9

4th 3-4 for $36

Race 5

2yo maidens in for 100k, I will use an all in this race and play a pick three from the fourth through the sixth. If I had to choose I would use No 4 What a Wish 15-1 as trainer Koriner is a very dangerous trainer with first time starters. No. 6 My Man Sumo 8-1 is a first time starter out of the Wesley Ward barn and he pops at a 32% clip with firsters. No. 7 Let’spickupthepace will be odds on in here as he was only 7-2 in the Hollywood Juv stakes, he may win but not with my money at a very short price. No. 9 Bradytomoss 15-1 looks live for Peter Miller. 4-6-7-9/all

Race 6

No. 3 Robscarvix gets a much easier test today and is the one to beat. No. 4 Let us Prey gets his first start in the states for trainer Walsh who has been high percentage all year.


Key Play

$1 Pick 3

4th 3-4

5th all

6th 3-4 for $40

Race 7

In here I just will be all over No. 8 Ten Churros a 2yo fillies out of the Baffert barn, this girl can flat out run, she don’t need the lead and the filly that ran second to here last time out Goodday won for fun yesterday. BEST BET NO. 8

Key Play

$40 win No. 8

Race 8

This race has longshot written all over it, will definitely play an all in the late Pick 3, the ones that I do like are No. 2 Downtown Lover, No. 3 Hotitude who won here last year with Rosario in the saddle and he is back on off the claim, No. 7 Miss Lola La Dare who is back from Emerald Downs and shows up in the high powered Sadler barn and No. 9 Kilmartin Hall 20-1, and No. 4 Tiz Next who has some back class. 2-3-4-7-9

Key Play

$.10 superbox 2-3-4-7-9 for $12

$1 Pick 3

6th 3-4

7th 8

9th all for $20

Key Play

$10 win and place No. 3 Hotitude for $20


Race 4: 1-2

Race 5: 1-2-3-7

Key Play

$2 double

4th 1-2

5th 1-2-3-7 for $16

Race 6

Trainer Steve Sherman has been gold when using Figueroa in the irons, and that is what we have with No. 8 Tango One who looks ultra tough on the drop at 7-2, we will be her to win and play some trifectas and a dime super. No. 8

Key Play

$20 win 8 for $20

$1 tri 8 with 1-2-4-6 with 1-2-4-6 for $12

$1 tri 1-2-4-6 with 8 with 1-2-4-6 for $12

$.10 cent superbox 1-2-4-6-8 for $12

$1 super 8 with 1-2-4-6 with 1-2-4-6 with 1-2-4-6 for $24

Race 7

The same scenario here as we have No. 7 Touchdown U S C who is ridden by Baze for trainer Lloyd Mason and that is go time. We will make the same plays as we did in race 6. NO. 7

Key Play

$20 win 7 for $20

$1 tri 7 with 1-4-5-6-9 with 1-4-5-6-9 for $20

$1 tri 1-4-5-6-9 with 7 with 1-4-5-6-9 for $20

.10 cent superkey 7 with 1-4-5-6-9 with 1-4-5-6-9 with 1-4-5-6-9 for $6

Race 8

2yo maiden fillies we will play an all and hope for a bomber and hit the Pick 3. All

Key Play

$1 Pick 3

6th 8

7th 7

8th all for $8

Race 9: 3-4-6-9

Key Play

$1 tri box 3-4-6-9 for $24

Race 10: 5-6-7

Race 11: 1-3-4-6

Race 12

In here we will single No. 5 Double Lyph and take a shot at the late Pick 4. 5

9th 3-4-6-9

10th 5-6-7

11th 1-3-4-6

12th 5 for $ 48