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No 'gee' in team GMs

Jul 22, 2008 6:59 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | Will wonders ever cease? As advertised, Richie Sexon was released by the hapless Seattle Mariners. Here’s where the wonders come in. He has signed to play with the Yankees, who apparently were looking for a poor-fielding first baseman who can contribute right-handed power to an already sparkling lineup.

Brian Cashman, the GM of the Yankees, has really aced out the other GMs in the league with this astonishing acquisition. Cashman was willing to overlook Sexon’s .205 average of last year, as Richie has shown improvement this first half by batting a lusty .215 thus far.

Although his strikeout totals have accelerated, we can expect Richie will be warmly treated by the NY fans, which are famous for patience and compassion with struggling athletes. If by sheer chance this doesn’t work out well, he may want to try the Philly fans for support, as a pinch hitter.

Regardless of how the Favre’s folly works out, I’d sure like to be in attendance at their annual shareholders meeting. As you likely know, the Packers are the only NFL team that is owned by individual shareholders.

A deserved tip of the hat goes to Major League Baseball, and especially the home standing NY Yankees for their performance as hosts of the All-Star Game. It was perhaps the classiest setting and execution I’ve ever seen at an all-star event. I enjoyed it immensely, as I hope you did.

A word about the two major trades by the Brewers and the Cubs. I think the Brewers made a mistake getting former Cy Young pitcher Sabbathia from the Indians. They gave up a few super prospects for a really good pitcher who may only last with them one half of a season. Although he’s given them super outings already, I don’t believe he can deliver a playoff berth, but I certainly applaud them for trying.

The Cubs on the other hand now have the strongest pitching staff in the league with the acquisition of Rich Harden, to go along with Zambrano and Dempster, and a top notch bullpen, and will surely deliver a playoff team to Chicago.

Hopefully you’ll see my pick of Texas at White Sox on the internet on Monday, but you’ll at least get the benefit of this match up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Over.

This weekend finds a few good unders beginning with AZ at Giants – good pitching and a lack of home run hitting will keep this series under.

The Nationals at LA will feature two teams that score very little so under and plus one and a half runs should be your choice here. Under.

Angels at Baltimore: This series is more important to the Orioles as they are now in danger of falling completely out of contention. They’ll play for 1 run at a time, and the Angels will always play small ball, so the scoring should be low. Under.

Yankees at Red Sox: I always play this match-up over, regardless of who pitches. The Yanks should have warmed up their offense by now, and the Red Sox are tough at home, especially scoring in the late innings. Over.

Have a great week!