Letters from keno players

Jul 22, 2008 7:01 PM

Keno Lil |

Lennie wrote

"I have lived in Las Vegas for 20 years and recently started playing keno machines. In your opinion, what type of keno I should play?

"I have had a little luck on 4-card keno (5-spot only) and played 3-6-9 (25 cents), but you can’t find them all over. I don’t always know the terminology, like overlapping."

Thanks for writing, Lennie. I usually play live keno and not machines. When I do play machines, it’s usually 5-spots.

Sometimes on nickel machines, I increase my bet when I lose. However, to use this strategy it would be smart to have $100 to gamble with even on a nickel machine.

Overlapping is the idea that on some way tickets a few numbers are used over and over again to make the ways. Such numbers are more "important" than others on the ticket that’s only used on one or two ways. You must hit one of the overlapping numbers to have any chance for a winner.

From Barry

"I am heading to Vegas in two weeks and love to play 20-card keno with not much success. When you play 20-card do you box your numbers and move them around? If so, how many and do you reset the machine often?

"Finally, are there any other tips you can suggest?"

Okay, Barry call me a general fan of random numbers.

I would probably fill my cards with random selections of 5-9 spots, which seem to do well on machines too. Not a scientific observation but just an impression from time spent.

I do change numbers after a few games if it seems like I am in a drought. Instead of resetting a machine I usually just get up and switch if that option is available.

I can suggest "tipping" the cocktail server and the keno runner.

All your letters are greatly appreciated and we’ll address more of them in the coming weeks.

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