Uncle Jed, save us

Jul 22, 2008 7:01 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | Some things just get me hot under the collar such as high gas prices and our Congress and Senators with all their bickering not wanting to caring to get anything done.

Congress has time to hold hearings on steroid use by humans and horses, but wonít sit down long enough to pass a bill so we can get more oil. Maybe we need Jed Clampett to get his trusty rifle out and shoot some of that black gold (Texas Tea) out of the ground.

People are suffering through some hard times. Homes are repossessed and put on the auction block. Food prices keep going up and doubtless youíve seen the power bill this month. Itís like a second house payment!

So what does this have to do with betting? Well, when it hits Del Mar, that saddens me to no end. This storied Southern California track was a venue I have visited at least twice a year since 1977. It was a great place for the little guy, who could go to the track, actually afford to stay somewhere and still have money left for betting purposes.

Now it is a joke!

By the time you pay for a room, spend double to park and get into the track, have some lunch for the 2 p.m post time (4 p.m. on Fridays), the Average Joe has no money left over to make a bet. Opening day this past Wednesday attracted a record crowd, but the handle was down. They just donít get it.

 The on track handle was down almost .14 percent from last year despite the huge crowd. Officials said there were long lines at the concession stands. Well, isnít that great!

I thought this was a race track, not a restaurant or bar.

Also, off track handle was way down after the shutdown of most rebate shops and other phone betting places beside TVG with the rights to take bets on Del Mar. Itís a sad thing, but they wonít get any of my money this year.

I will stay in Vegas, get free parking, free drinks, a free form, a nice air-conditioned race book with the ability to watch and bet any track I want. When all this is done, I can even get a comp to eat. Driving home and sleeping in my own bed isnít all bad.

 But my anger doesnít end with Del Mar. Iím really hot under the collar about the NFL. Those hypocrites are putting the squeeze on the Rooney family to sell my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers because some of the race tracks they own have other types of gambling that the NFL frowns on.

What a crock of bull!

Growing up in Steubenville (Ohio), just a short 39 miles from Pittsburgh, the Steelers and the Rooneys were like family and did great things for not only the NFL but for horse racing.

It looks like they may sell to a billionaire hedge fund operator, who will no doubt change the helmet logo. When and if it happens, my ties to the Steelers end. Just like Del Mar.

Next week I will be covering Week 1 of the NFL preseason with my top selections for betting purposes. Do you here that NFL Gestapo?

Iím getting on the NFL preseason and putting more money in your coffers. Dig it!