Patriots at 1-12 get most AFC division love

Jul 26, 2008 8:52 PM

by Mark Mayer | New England lost the Super Bowl, but youd never know it. The Patriots are an overwhelming 1-12 to win their sixth straight AFC East title. Buffalo is well back at 8-1, followed by the New York Jets at 10-1 and Miami at 25-1. The Dolphins won just one game last year, though Bill Parcells is now in charge.

Again, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl last year, but youd never know it. In the NFC East, its the Dallas Cowboys who are the 10-11 favorite to win the division. The Giants, at 3-1, are rated no better than third currently in the four-team division. Philadelphia is second at 11-4, while Washington is the longest shot at 7-1. Still, the Redskins have a better chance among the early odds than Buffalo.

The rest of the AFC division odds are pretty cut and dry. Pittsburgh heads the North at even money, Indianapolis tops the South at 5-8 and San Diego is favored in the West at 1-4. In the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings are the 5-4 favorite in the North, New Orleans an 11-10 choice to win the South and Seattle a 4-5 pick to capture the West.

The longest shot on the AFC board other than Miami is Kansas City at 13-1 to win the West. The biggest reach in the NFC is the Atlanta Falcons at 15-1 to win the South. Indianapolis is a 5-point favorite over Washington in the first preseason game Sunday, Aug. 3 at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Here is the updated list of division odds courtesy of the Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook.


East: Dallas 10-11, Philadelphia 11-4, NY Giants 3-1, Washington 7-1.

North: Minnesota 5-4, Green Bay 2-1, Chicago 3-1, Detroit 6-1.

South: New Orleans 11-10, Tampa Bay 2-1, Carolina 5-2, Atlanta 15-1.

West: Seattle 4-5, Arizona 9-4, St. Louis 5-1, San Francisco 6-1.


East: New England 1-12, Buffalo 8-1, NY Jets 10-1, Miami 25-1.

North: Pittsburgh EVEN; Cleveland 9-5, Cincinnati 5-1, Baltimore 6-1.

South: Indianapolis 5-8, Jacksonville 2-1, Tennessee 7-1, Houston 10-1.

West: San Diego