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Another dumb USC alum

Jul 29, 2008 7:03 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | I canít resist this one, as Iíve always believed NFL quarterbacks to be very intelligent athletes. After all, they are required to read defenses in a matter of seconds, and immediately find open receivers, or run the ball themselves, not to mention throwing the ball away to avoid a loss or risk an interception.

Well, Carson Palmer, a very talented QB, was quoted on a radio interview that the Ohio State football team (the pride of the Midwest) can come out to the Coliseum in LA on Sept. 13 and get a good old fashioned "butt-whipping."

Iím certain the USC football team loved the inspiration Palmer, a Trojan alum, instilled, and really appreciated the boost from the current Bengals QB.

I can only assume that public relations wasnít taught at íSC and isnít included in the playbook materials given to all NFL QBs, especially those that play for an Ohio team.

A week or so ago I put down Brian Cashman, the Yankeesí GM, for picking up Richie Sexson from the Mariners to help his club. This week he turned the tables by acquiring two excellent players from the Pirates, one being Xavier Nady, a somewhat journeyman outfielder who can really help their lineup, adding a real good bat from the right side; and a strong left-hand relief pitcher that has been really tough on left-handed hitters.

These acquisitions will help the Yanks, and may be enough to propel them into the postseason. At any rate, getting these two quality players is more Yankinese.

Now itís the Red Soxís turn to counter, they might call the Dodgers and try to get Nomar back where he belongs.

The beauty of pro baseball is that you never know the final outcomes. In other major sports you generally have to overcome a point spread. Some teams couldnít beat other teams straight up without divine intervention or miracles, but bettors have the beloved point spread to bail them out.

Baseball, thatís a different story, as the outcome is always in doubt. A few examples from the last weekend: The Colorado Rockies, a good hitting club, was dead last on the road with a 14-36 record. So, pray tell, how do you foresee a three game road sweep coming over an above average Cincy club that had a 30-22 winning record at home?

This was no accident, as the Rockies outscored the Reds 23-3. If you think that was bad, how about the dog players that took +230 on a hunch that Mike Hampton, after all that rest (last start Aug. 5) would be capable of holding the Phillies in check. Having been a dog player, I watched the Braves score 9 runs in the top of the fourth inning. During that incredible inning I began telling jokes and enjoying my most happy moment of this season. Needless to say, an inning later the Braves gave up a 7 spot to the Phillies, who went on to win 10-9.

Stranger yet is the team with the worst record in the league, the Padres, who swept the Pirates in a three-game series at Pittsburgh no less.

So much for those of you who rely on past performances and stats to guide your wagering preferences. Incidentally, please also note the visitors beat the home teams this weekend 28 out of 44 games. Ah! Yes, baseball Ė you gotta love it!

Here are some interesting matchups for this week:

Cubs at Brewers: real tough pitching on both sides. Under.

Arizona at Padres and Giants at Dodgers: who is going to bet over on these teams. All combined they might not score enough for one over. Under.

Baltimore at Yankees: Stick the fork in the Orioles, as their pitching only gets worse. Yankee bats come alive. Over.

Royals at Aís: no hitting on either team and tough park to score in. Under.

Weekend match ups:

Mets at Astros: Delgado is hot and leads a star studded cast that will score big. The small park helps both teams, especially El Cabaio. Over.

The above four NL West teams just switch home teams, but with the same results. Under.

Blue Jays at Texas: the Rangers projected totals areamong the highest in baseball, as they score and give up more than anyone. However, donít go over against Halladay. Heís too tough. Over.

Have a great week!