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Rosanne out at Sahara is no rumor

Jul 29, 2008 7:00 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | As a columnist for GamingToday yours truly, Monti Rock III, sometimes gets knocked around a bit over my rumor mill. But, alas! We must continue.

Remember, it’s just rumor. Which big show may be closing? Which hotel is up for sale? Which star will be going to rehab? And which Las Vegas show will end the year as No. 1?

In the closing and opening categories "Stomp Out Loud" at Planet Hollywood is ready to go. Roseanne at the Sahara, I’ll say it again, couldn’t pull in the numbers. Her show closes in August.

Raw Talent, (not Havana Nights) opens at the new and improved Sahara on Aug 19. This should entice more visitors. "Spamalot" at the Wynn never quite caught on even though it was a great show. "Second City" at the Flamingo had a long run and on the horizon is the opening in September of Donny and Marie Osmond.

The six-year run of "Mamma Mia" at Mandalay Bay certainly hasn’t been hurt by the movie of the same name, even though some of the film reviews have been lukewarm. "Phantom of the Opera," one of the grandest productions of all time in Las Vegas, is down to one cast. Same goes for the Hilton’s "Menopause the Musical."

It seems the movie industry is doing quite well, especially with the release of "The Dark Knight" (the latest Batman) which is reported to be the highest grossing film opening in history. I can only add, "Christian Bale, don’t hit your mother."

My old friend Tony Curtis, 83 and going strong, is writing his autobiography, "An American Prince." Tony will be going on a book-signing tour.

Is anyone but me catching all the product placements on television these days? I caught McDonald’s coffee cups on a newscast last week. A new twist in advertising?

Harrah’s former headliner, Clint Holmes, is still on the move. Following his performance at the Judy Bailey Theater here in Las Vegas, Clint heads to Washington D.C. to appear at the Kennedy Center on Sept. 4. His show continues to be revamped before making it to Broadway.

Yolo’s, which is located just inside the south door of Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, was the scene for a fabulous dining experience enjoyed by myself and my staff. The casual attitude created by Yolos is a nice contradiction to the white linen napkins at each setting. It was Mexican cuisine like I’ve never tasted!

 The presentations of the appetizers and entrees were a delight for the eyes. The service was exceptional, the ambiance and atmosphere perfect for both business conversation and personal enjoyment. Yolo’s is definitely on my recommendation list.

 Months ago I announced Eva Posner’s Rock Star Academy where I will teach a master class. Eva/Ava and Lance Posner will be conducting a talent show where I get to play the part of Simon Cowell from "American Idol." We’ll be in search of a new super star of Las Vegas.

In my earlier life I was a superstar, a recording artist, an actor in movies and television. I would like to find that one special young person that I can help in the business. It means a recording contract signed with a major agency and cash prizes. Stay tuned.

Is Celine coming back to the Colosseum? Rumor has it that Celine may make another Las Vegas appearance in 2010. Gordie Brown closes Aug. 1 at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater. Brown is reportedly opening for Celine on her Great American Tour for the next five months.

Wes Winters’ tribute show to Liberace at the Steve Wyrick Theater at Planet Hollywood has been revamped and re-tooled. In between the hours spent working on his show, Wes managed to create and host a wonderful birthday party for his manager and friend Rod Russell.

The party was held at Winters’ beautiful mansion and among those spotted that evening was Tempest Storm, (of burlesque fame). She was looking fabulous! I knew Tempest when she was married to Herb Jeffries. She’s a true legend and remains gracious and divine.

My good friends, Paige O’Hara and Norm Johnson had some of their art displayed at the new Gallery Las Vegas this past Sunday. Once again, our Vegas celebs show they are multi-talented.

Triq Ultra Lounge at Miracle Mile Shops is featuring an exhibit by artist Martin Kreloff. His canvases of some of our greatest movie stars give a new perspective and are in numerous museum and private collections. For more information call 702-785-0711.

Comedian Judy Tenuta has recently become an ordained minister so she can perform legal marriages, straight and gay, as long as the couples buy a ticket to her shows. And they say Reverend Monti is pushing the envelope with his "Million Dollar Weddings!"

My Top 10 list is being fine tuned today for next week. Will you be on it?