Penn. Gaming Control Board members feel the pressure

Jul 29, 2008 7:00 PM

by Ray Poirier | Will members of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board – three of whom were appointed by Gov. Ed Rendell – ignore political pleas and scrap the Barden license to build a casino in Pittsburgh?

That’s the question being asked as the seven-member group of gaming regulators ponders the dilemma caused by Don Barden’s failure to find the necessary funding to build the $780 million casino.

At the last moment, Barden proposed the board approve his bringing in Chicago real estate billionaire Neil Bluhm and his partners to take over some 80% of the project. Rendell and a top House Democrat supported the idea.

But, some Republicans have urged the Barden license be withdrawn and the board again put it out to bid.

Another plan that the state finish building the casino and then auction it off to potential bidders has not received much support, as yet.