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Poker is luck, skill and Sarah

Jul 29, 2008 7:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Carol, today I want to talk to the folks about luck and skill in the playing of poker tournaments.

Winning poker tournaments is a combination of many things, but those two ingredients are very important. Most of the winning players during a poker tournament are extremely lucky. These players have had their winning hand stand up at least three times when a lot of the tournament chips were in the pot.

Moreover, the successful poker player must win at least twice when he holds the inferior hand at the start of the action and before the flop.

This means that when the money is coming into the pot, the lucky player could have had Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs, while the unlucky loser was holding King of Spades and King of Clubs.

With these two starting hands, both the lucky and unlucky player will put all of their money into the pot if contested before the flop. Assume this or similar situations occur three times during the poker tournament with each time the two aces coming away with the critical pots.

These lucky players are on their way to winning the poker tournament, but not quite there yet. Players must take the worst of it at least two times and outdraw the other person with the best hand before claiming the brass ring or golden bracelet. Then, they can count all that money.

At the start of the hand, the reverse of the above is true. The lucky poker player holds the two kings and the unlucky player holds the two aces. If you are to win, then at least twice when a lot of the chips are in the pot one of the two remaining kings has to hit.

Now you have a good chance to win the poker tournament with that best hand standing up to the test at least three times. Also, you have taken the worst of it at least twice along with outdrawing the better hand.

Now you can try on the bracelet and count the cash.

Winning is staying in the poker tournament and playing skillfully with the better hand. It is also playing lucky with the inferior hand and winning the critical pot. It is here where skill and luck meet.

I want to mention that my daughter OK-Sarah participated for three days in the championship poker tournament recently held at Caesars Palace. This was the Mega Stack, no-limit tournament starting with $25,000 in chips ($1,000 + $60 buy-in) for the final event of the 1,200 that entered this poker extravaganza.

On Day 1, OK-Sarah held on and came home with $30,000 in her stack.

On Day 2, she stayed with her game and came home with over $150,000 in her stack.

At the final table of 10 skillful and lucky poker players she arrived with about $1,300,000 in her stack and was the only woman left against the men.

At the final table, first place was to receive over $270,000 with 10th place earning $12,000. OK-Sarah played with total courage, skill and luck. On one hand she went all in with $1,800,000 holding king of spades and jack high. The big stack turned over Ace high, King high, but Sarah used a little of her lucky magic and on the flop made trip Js and took down almost a $4 million pot!

We had talked about splitting up the money (over $800,000 in money left to be paid out). I had told her to win it or split, but not to ask the men to split. It was better that the men asked her and not to let them see you sweat.

Sarahs next pot was all in with two queens against the big stack, who had a rag ace. The ace came on the river and Sarah came home with over $12,000.

Sarah can play and will win a major soon. The skill of the best hand lost to the lucky rag ace and after three days!

Luck beat skill.

OK-J Tip of the Week

We all get the same amount of ice (luck), but some of us get it in the winter when we dont need it. Some need the ice (luck) in the summer when its 117 degrees outside!

Until next time remember to Stay Lucky!!