Ole, Ubaldo!

Jul 29, 2008 7:04 PM

by Mark Mayer | There was a time when the Rockies were 1-11 in games that Ubaldo Jimenez started. That was then and this is now.

Jimenez has been brilliant over the past month, putting together wins of 10-1 and 11-0 against the Dodgers and Reds respectively. Colorado is 8-3 in his last 11 starts. Ubaldo has three wins during Colorado’s 9-1 run as the week began. This could well be déjà vu all over again with Colorado, only six games behind first place Arizona in the NL West.

Speaking of hot teams, the New York Yankees haven’t lost since the All Star break. The 8-0 streak is scaring the pants off both Boston and Tampa Bay in the AL East.

It even has Manny acting like Manny again.

While the Yanks have gone from cold to hot, the under has remained consistent. New York leads the majors with 63 unders in 104 games. If you are looking for a good over team, try the Pittsburgh Pirates at 60-38-7.