The fallout: Plaza out 2 fine men

Jul 29, 2008 6:56 PM

On The Mark by Mark Mayer | Unfortunately, with most every business takeover, there is fallout.

With Lucky’s taking over the race and sports operations this Friday, two staples in the industry won’t be there. But both Lou D’Amico and Mike Colbert won’t be on the shelf for long.

"I had a great four years at the Plaza," said D’Amico, who has been in Las Vegas since 1955 and previously held high-ranking positions at Caesars Palace and the Las Vegas Hilton. "Jimmy (Vaccaro) is a dear friend and I know Lucky’s will be a first class operation with him as a big part."

D’Amico admitted he was surprised at not being retained, but said the time off will allow him to pursue other opportunities on the casino side.

"There’s great excitement in race and sports, but I’m more adapted to the entertainment side," said D’Amico, who is vacationing out of town next week. "Perhaps, it was time for me to be relieved."

Colbert was hired by D’Amico over four years ago to run the Plaza’s sports operation. He had been offered a position in Lucky’s hub in Reno, but turned it down.

"I have nothing but kind things to say about Brandywine (the ownership company) and Jimmy is a terrific friend," Colbert said. "I wish them all the best, but Las Vegas is where I am more comfortable and hope to stay in the business at another site here. I couldn’t have worked with a finer person than Lou."