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I believe in mom, apple pie and PPA

Aug 5, 2008 7:01 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Carol, I am from the old school. My country right or wrong, the best hand gets the money, Motherhood, Chevrolets and apple pie.

But I do understand that the politicians, lawyers, insurance companies, women, oil companies, banks, casinos and others make the rules by which we live and play poker.

I do believe the casinos rule Nevada and in all political sub-divisions will control what they want. Nearly 30 years ago a group of us poker players decided to standardize the rules that should be used. That way all the poker rooms and tournaments would be on the same page!

The Poker Players Association was formed in which I was one of the founding directors. The membership agreed to only play in rooms and tournaments that were PPA sanctioned. This lasted until we had the first poker tournament.

The casino officials said they would make the rules! They considered the PPA a union and broke all relationships. The PPA membership broke ranks and played in the un-sanctioned poker tournament.

Poker players are a wonderful group of people, but they will play on the roof, in the rain or in a crooked game if its the only one in town! That was the end of the old PPA.

A new PPA has been created by some very wonderful and well meaning folks, but the organization does not mandate that the casino be required to use its rules. Casino poker tourney managers have admitted to me that the rules are made by the poker room.

If these rules conflict, the casino prevails. End of conversation. So weve come full circle. I will support the new PPA and try to make all rules standard for all poker players even though this is impossible.

I recommend that the new PPA consider taking poker out of the casinos and make it a private club. We should have conventions to play our poker and tournaments. Also, the PPA should give the casino poker rooms an opportunity to sanction the events.

Poker players have the gold that casinos want. While we have the ability to make the rules, its 9-to-5 that the casinos will follow the age old rule from Oklahoma, "He who has the gold makes the rules."

Until then, I will play poker by the rules of the poker room that I am playing in.

If I disagree with those casinos rules to the extent it would ruin my enjoyment of the poker game, then Ill quit playing in that poker room.

Tip of the Week

When we are playing poker in Rome, we must follow the rules of the Roman poker room! If we dont like the way they play poker in the Roman casinos, we can form our own private poker room.

Until next time Stay Lucky!!