Lost and Found revisited

Aug 5, 2008 7:00 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | Lost: The perennial excellent pitching of the Atlanta Braves; anyone finding solid starting and or efficient long and short relief pitchers please notify B. Cox c/o Atlanta Braves, immediately.

Found: Last year’s timely hitting has been found by the Colorado Rockies, week but the club is still looking for its starting pitchers who have been missing for the past three months.

Lost: What was once a very efficient ball club is totally missing. Anyone seeing the players please report to San Diego Sports Inc. A reward of a weekend at Del Mar has been offered for the return of abilities of these athletes.

Found: Carlos Delgado’s bat. The Mets thank John Doe and has given him two box seats at Shea.

Lost: Manny Ramirez’s public relations coach. It is rumored he can be found in Cincinnati working with Carson Palmer, who is presently having surgery removing his right foot from his mouth. Incidentally, yesterday Dr. D. Stratton, while in Ohio performed the same operation on Bengals’ wide receiver Chad Johnson. It was further revealed by Dr. Stratton’s assistant, R. Saber, that Brett Favre is scheduled later this month.

Trade News: Ivan Rodríguez goes from Detroit to the Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth. At first glance I’d thought the Tigers had thrown in the towel for this season, but with closer Todd Jones going on the DL it was imperative for Leyland’s crew to get the bullpen help.

Ken Griffey Jr. going to the White Sox was a surprise; I’m not sure where they will put him. Jim Thome is the DH, maybe Jr. will play centerfield.

Manny Ramirez going from the Red Sox to the Dodgers. Just when Joe Torre was beginning to have some fun in Southern California he gets a player that can’t cover the large left field in Dodger Stadium and has to face the best pitchers the National League has in one division. It might be tough down the stretch. Cain, Peavy, Webb, Haren, Young, Johnson, Lincecum won’t be easy for Manny to be Manny in L.A.

I sincerely want to welcome Jimmy Vacarro to our gang at GamingToday. Jimmy and I go back about 30 years when we were both running sports books on Convention Center Drive and he’s garnered my total respect through the years. He’s a great addition to our staff and can only make our paper better!

Let’s get to this week as the Nationals visits the Rockies – Washington has no pitching and Colorado has strong hitting. OVER.

The A’s visit the Blue Jays where runs should be scarece. UNDER.

Cleveland goes to Tampa Bay – two more teams that have more pitching than hitting. UNDER.

Yankees at Texas – with the weather in a plus 100 degree mode balls should be flying out all over the place. OVER.

Starting Thursday the Braves go to Arizona and neither team has much punch. UNDER.

Florida visits the Big Apple and I anticipate home runs, I know it’s in Shea Stadium but trust me. OVER.

With the Dodgers going to Frisco I still look for unders with or without Manny. UNDER.

Red Sox at White Sox – This ballpark carries the balls very well and both teams can hit them. OVER.