A nice, symmetrical keno ticket that produces winners

May 7, 2001 3:50 AM

This week’s favorite ticket features an elegant symmetry. Pick your 16 most likely numbers, and circle 4 groups of 3 and 4 kings (one spot groups.) While I don’t play this ticket very often, (it is a little spendy for me) I have had good success with it, hitting several solid sixes and many five out of sixes. I don’t recommend this for tournament play, however, because I don’t believe that six spots are in general good tournament tickets. I don’t recommend it for dime-a-way play either, but it’s ideal for a 50 cent special rate play where your solid six will pay in the neighborhood of $1,300.00 at most casinos. This will give you a little leeway for tax purposes.

You can hit a solid six two different ways on this ticket. You can hit a 3-3, which accounts for six of the ways, or you can hit a 3-1-1-1, which accounts for 16 of the ways. Note that if you hit a solid six on the 3-1-1-1, you will also have 3 five out of sixes, which will boost your winnings to around $1,450, still below the tax reporting level. Get the picture? On sixteen spots, you will average a hit of four spots per game, so a hit of five or six spots is not that unusual. If you are lucky, the hits will be distributed in the right way to make you some money!






















There are 175 distinct catches on the ticket, and the most likely one (about 8.47% of the time) is 1-1-0-0-1-0-0-0.

As illustrated on the ticket.