"Revel" casino lost executives in plane crash

Aug 5, 2008 7:01 PM

by Ray Poirier | Former Las Vegas gaming executive Kevin DeSanctis, who now heads the $2 billion construction of the "Revel" casino resort in Atlantic City, mourned the deaths of company executives in a Minnesota plane crash last week.

DeSanctis identified his employees as Tony Craig, vice president of construction development; Chris Daul, vice president of construction development and Chip Merrigan, director of field operations.

"These gentlemen," he said, "were valued for their camaraderie as well as their professional expertise. The loss of their friendship will be keenly felt by all of us here."

New Jersey officials likened the loss to a similar tragedy that involved executives associated with Donald Trump in 1989.

"It was very bad they were my top people," Trump recalled last week when he heard about the Minnesota plane crash and rekindled the memories of his own loss.