Taking NFL to third degree

Aug 9, 2008 7:52 PM

by Mark Mayer |

Lucky’s hired Jimmy Vaccaro both for his reputation as one of the pioneer bookmakers in Las Vegas along with his promise to shake things up in wagering opportunities. Phase One takes place for the start of the NFL regular season with third quarter lines.

"I understand that there have always been first half and quarter betting, but in this instance (third quarter wagering) this gives the guy a shot of alleviating the backdoor cover or teams that seem to get out of the box and fade," said Vaccaro, director of bookmaking operations for Lucky’s which operates out of the Plaza in Las Vegas.

"I understand fully that the informed guy will tear this down," Vaccaro said. "The casual guy usually needs a little time to understand certain things and takes longer to warm up to something new. Anything new needs a sample of at least half a season to find out if it is worth the time and effort. So we’re throwing it out and we’ll see what happens."

The first game for the third quarter line is the NFL regular season opener Thursday, Sept. 4 between the Washington Redskins and the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. The host Giants are currently a 3½-point favorite. Lucky’s third quarter line will be Giants -3. Winners and losers will be determined after three quarters are played in its entirety.

Lucky’s has four other locations in addition to the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas – the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, the High Desert Inn and Red Lion Inn in Elko and the Fandango in Carson City, which begins sports book operations in September.

Here is the remainder of the Week 1 slate with current game line and third quarter listed:

Sunday, Sept. 7

Cincinnati PK at Baltimore (3 qtr: PK)

NY Jets -3 at Miami (3 qtr: Jets -2½)

KC +16½ at New England (3 qtr: NE -13½)

Houston +6½ at Pittsburgh (3 qtr: PIT -5)

Jacksonville -3 at Tennessee (3 qtr: JAX -2½)

Detroit -2½ at Atlanta (3 qtr: DET -2)

Seattle +1 at Buffalo (3 qtr: BUF -½)

Tampa Bay +3½ at N. Orleans (3 qtr: NO -3)

St. Louis +6½ at Philadelphia (3 qtr: PHI -5)

Dallas -3½ at Cleveland (3 qtr: DAL -3)

Carolina +10 at San Diego (3 qtr: SD -8)

Arizona -2½ at S. Francisco (3 qtr: ARI -2)

Chicago +9½ at Indianapolis (3 qtr: IND -8)

Monday, Sept. 8

Minnesota +3 at Green Bay (3 qtr: GB -2)

Denver -1 at Oakland (3 qtr: DEN -½).