From the ‘Tonight Show,’ Where’s Johnny?

May 07, 2001 4:07 AM


At The Orleans, some of my favorite people from the old Johnny Carson show will be in town next month. The talented and often times bizarre Doc Severinson and his big band, along with super sidekick Ed McMahon, will put on a show, June 1-3. This promises to be an informal, fun show. I’d pay just to see Ed sitting on a couch.

But their presence here begs the burning question, Wheeerre’s Johnny?

Sometimes hanging around pays off. A case in point is Joe Trammel, who for years in this town worked as a comic opener for headliners and productions shows. Joe currently has a show at the San Remo, performing with the Showgirls of Magic. And despite the odds "stacked" against him, this could be Joe’s breakout show.

Showgirls of magic is a kitschy little affair that relies on the winsome showgirls’ sleight of hand and, equally important, the sight of their cleavage. Still, Joe cuts through the audience’s libido with his incredibly funny shtick and steals the show. Joe has real talent and it’s about time the town took notice.

Speaking of cleavage, the biggest sighting last week was Pamela Anderson, who was in town presumably for Tiger Jam IV at Mandalay Bay. I say presumably because Pamela was wearing a peek-a-boo dress that seemed to scream: "Check these babies out! They’re new! With all the plastic surgeons in town, it’s conceivable that Pamela was here for a retrofit.

Anyway, accompanying Pamela was Kid Rock, who presumably is filling the void left behind by Tommy Lee. Other less ominous sightings include Clint Holmes, Steve Wynn and Bob Eubanks at Malibu Chan’s on West Sahara.

National Tourism week (May 6-12) will include a lot of events in the city. The campaign salutes visitors and educates locals on the importance of tourism, as well as staging events to draw the public and the media. My favorite event is the Tourism Luncheon on Friday. The featured speaker is Laurie Beckman, Deputy Director of the Guggenheim Museum. She’ll preview the wonderful museum coming to The Venetian. There’ll also be performances by the Las Vegas Philharmonic and Nevada Ballet Theatre. You can still get tickets, but you have to call quickly, 641-5822.

My very reliable spies tell me that Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance will be extending its run at New York-New York. Good news for New York-New York, as well as people who want to see a great and exciting show.

The MGM is getting ready for Madonna’s arrival with the Drowned World Tour. Who could miss this one? Also at the MGM, the Queens of Comedy take over the Garden Arena with their hilarious live comedy show on Saturday, May 19.

From the Believe It or Not file, at the MGM Grand’s EFX show, there is a stage hand that likes to sing and is being considered as a stand-in for Rick Springfield. There’s also a rumor about a dancing housekeeper who does a bit with 409, but we haven’t confirmed it yet.

Also, not to be missed is Springfest III, which benefits the state’s first school for the hearing-impaired, the Las Vegas School of the Deaf. The benefit will have a star-studded lineup with Grammy Award winner Paige O’Hara and her husband, singer-actor Michael Piontek, as well as Clint Holmes, Bill Acosta, The Scinta’s and Peter Breck from "Big Valley." Springfest III will be held at Faith Lutheran High School this Saturday from 4-9 p.m. Tickets are $25 for general admission and $200 for VIP seating. It’s a wonderful cause, and congratulations to the Las Vegas entertainers who contributed their efforts. Let’s contribute ours as well.